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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-08-05
This is the pre-Plutocracy band of the late Dan Hogan. This band also featured Jerry Gutierrez on drums – from indie-popsters, The Cosmos. This is heavy hardcore/punk from Redwood City circa 1990-91. This is preceeds their more grind/metal approach of their “Avoid The 13” LP. They take the intensity of Black Flag, Flipper, D.R.I. & Poison Idea and make it something of their own. Yes it’s THAT great! Note: there’s no track #22.

(((1))) 976 phone sex parody. (FCCs “fuck” said once in intro). Straight-up West Coast Hardcore.
((((2)))) Speedy Poison Idea-style number. Lots of pummel.
((((3))))) A little bit of the D.I./Adolescents’ “Richard Hung Himself” riff/tempo with a few bursts of speed.
((((4)))) Swingin’ bass, classic rawk boogie into mass thrashing/sludge groove.
(((((5))))) Awesome mix of West Coast sludge and East Coast gang vocals.
((((((6))))) Fast & snarling, D.R.I. meets the Germs with Greg Ginn on guitar ?
(((((7))))) Flipper-iffic! Chunky riffing, vocals are similar to Spike from D.R.I.
(((((8))))) Basic, fast & furious West Bay/Coast hardcore.
(((((9))))) Super HEAVY an beating your brains in with that thudding rhythm. Instrumental awesomeness.
((((((10)))) Nasty ‘lil Poison Idea –spiked with Black Flag guitars number. (FCC “Fuck” sung once)
(((((11)))) Steady, wailing & walloping theme song.
((((((12)))))) Heavy & twisted riffs with Jerry A.-like vocals, amazing guitar work & tempo changes! (FCC “suck my dick” once that’s audible)
((((13)))) Wild, riffage, raw fuzz production
(((((14))))) Monster heavy, thick chords o’ doomridin’ then goes into drum-heavy h.c.
((((15)))) Track about medical pot? Odd metered tempos but mostly direct.
(((((16)))) Classic U.S.H.C. riffing with a little metallic crunch.
(((((17))))) Straight-ahead steamroller pretty close to Funeral Shock or Fucked Up. (FCC: “shit”)
(((18))) Durable riffing but a little too redundant. (FCC “fucking sung 3 times)
((((19)))) Awesome instrumental. Great riffs, then into downer sludge by way of early Rush or Sabbath
((((20)))) Bad ass boogie chug/cheap booze drinkin’ song.
((((21)))) Kinda fast but varied with classic U.S.H.C. breakdowns. (FCC ““fucking” sung twice)

Track Listing
1. Intro/Dianetics   12. Bloodbath
2. Patty Hearst   13. Myriad
3. Toxic Waste   14. Hippy Crite
4. Pay Your Debt   15. A Bong Hit Instead
5. Smarty Pants   16. Justification
6. Flipside of Reality   17. Forced Recognition
7. We Came to Annoy   18. Dumb Kid
8. Muhammed Ali's Iq   19. Mistake
9. Mean   20. Green Gel Pyramid
10. Xerox Copy   21. No Less
11. 976   22. Authority Figure