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Album: Yoyo a Go Go   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jul 2005
Label:Yo Yo Recordings  

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1. Oct 20, 2005: Baptism of Solitude
Bacon Industry
4. Oct 04, 2005: Eclectica
Her Pink Soda
2. Oct 18, 2005: eclectica
5. Oct 01, 2005: Biff Bang Pow
Rose Parade
3. Oct 13, 2005: I Once was Canadian
Raid on Entebbe
6. Sep 21, 2005: I still am canadian
Raid on Entebbe

Album Review
Guest DJ Account
Reviewed 2005-08-23
Comp of fun and funky bands. Some are utter trash while others are brilliant and fun. Key to success: don’t take yourself too seriously. I personally like the strummy low-key acoustic guitar songs the best. There are some harder rock songs. And a brilliant Elliott Smith song to close it all off. Recommended: 1, 5, 11, 12, 14, 15, 16, 19 and 22
*Track One- Starts off with audience and Jason Traeger talking. Very cute. Poppy. Acoustic Guitar and vox only, drums and bass come in later.
Track Two- Darker rock. Heavy bass. Distortion quiet voice. Switches between slow and fast tempo.
Track Three- Almost spoken word. Bad rhyming, but kitchy in a good way. Goes into screaming. Lead vox seems more into than anyone else.
Track Four- Starts off very rock and roll. Yelling vox. Kind of old school.
*Track Five- Upbeat rock. Very nice blending. Vox is a little shakey. Sounds like fem rock. Gets the crowd going and introduces the band
Track Six- Very fast. Esp. vox. A little video gameish. A little Persian sounding in the middle. Instrumental break down in the middle.
Track Seven- Yelling and kind of ambient keyboard. Kind of soft spy rock. Mixed with pysch rock. Interesting blend…
Track Eight- FCC: fuck. Introduces song as “dance song for all the queer kids in the audience.” Lots of shouting and distortion. Out of control experimental.
Track Nine- Steady drum beat. With horn/sax. Angry vox. Screaming. Loud Machine is only vocal. Crazy guitar. There’s a little German at the end or gibberish.
Track Ten- Long spoken vox intro. Nice guitar and horn. Again lame vocals.
*Track Eleven- Starts off a capella. GREAT VOCALS. Acoustic guitar starts up. Very indie rock. Did I say GREAT VOCALS!?! Pretty upbeat and fast.
*Track Twelve- Accordion. Very French sounding. Sounds almost like a children’s song with a little innuendo. Simple melody and lyrics.
Track Thirteen- Nice rock-y. Funny lyrics about cars. Fem lead vox. Jersey tribute at the end.
*Track Fourteen- Nice guitar strumminess at the beginning. Subdued indie pop.
*Track Fifteen- Cute fem intro. Talks about getting turned on. Is that an FCC? Love song about her and Godzilla. Very simple but fun.
*Track Sixteen- Nice strummy guitar. Voice is a little droning but driving lyrics that keep the song going. Simple. Cute interjections. Nice chorus.
Track Seventeen- Fast tempo. Funky drums. Little distortion on guitar. Yelling vox. Switches between soft depressed and loud depressed angry.
Track Eighteen- Depressing, but touching, dedication at the beginning. Acoustic guitar. Pretty voice. Mid-tempo.
*Track Nineteen- Starts with heavy guitar. Strong voice. A little choppy but goes with song.
Track Twenty- Lots more shouting. Heavy guitar and bass. Can’t really understand what he’s saying. Weird ending
Track Twenty One- Kind of surfy instrumental start off. Mixed with rock.
*Track Twenty Two- Like all Elliott Smith, incredibly beautiful and subdued. Slow. Brilliant lyrics.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Traeger, Jason Good Thing
2. Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kis Her Pink Soda
3. Some Velvet Sidewalk Clearhead
4. Dead Moon Poor Born
5. Sleater-Kinney Dance Song '97
6. Feelings, the Eedleeedleeedle
7. Kirihito D.N.A.+
8. Behead the Prophet N.L.S.L. Obscene Tank Driver
9. Loud Machine 0.5 Loud Machine
10. Dub Narcotic Sound System Dub Narcotic Express
11. Mountain Goats, the Raid on Entebbe
12. Kliese, Jenn and Khaela Marici A Girl in the Sky
13. Little Red Car Wreck Crashing Cars
14. Mecca Normal Step Into My Sphere
15. Mcclure, Nikki Godzilla
16. Mirah Turnwater Falls
17. Modest Mouse Dirty Fingernail
18. Lois Davey
19. Need, the Crown
20. Karp Bacon Industry
21. Built to Spill Stop the Show
22. Smith, Elliot Rose Parade