Minmae / Id Be Scared, Were You Syill
Album: Id Be Scared, Were You Syill   Collection:General
Artist:Minmae   Added:Jul 2005
Label:Greyday Productions  

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1. Feb 20, 2006: Mad Flow
My Parts Will, not Rust
3. Jan 08, 2006: Neurotic Tonic
Let Him Out
2. Jan 21, 2006: Scatterbrain Radio
Experimental Pop Song

Album Review
matthew stark rubin
Reviewed 2005-12-29
Miname. I’d be scared, were you still burning. Greyday productions. 6/7/05.
Reviewed by DJ matthew stark rubin. 12/29/05. FCC clean.

Very standard guitar-driven indie rock. Pretty much midtempo throughout. Not too happy, not too sad, just pensive enough to be called indie and not alternative. Echoes of pavement on the rock numbers early in the record, and more adult contemporary sounding on the sensitive ballads of side b. This record is entirely unremarkable but also unobjectionable. Even though it’s formulaic, it’s a nice formula, and when particularly well-executed, it yields a few standout tracks. My picks: 2* (best by far), 3, 6, 11

1- standard slacker rock
2- kicks in with a little groove. Then interestingly peripatetic arrhythmic indie pop.
3- A bittersweet, atmospheric waltz with nice trade-off vocals.
4- pavement soundalike with a useless jam-rock intro by someone who just bought a delay pedal at guitar center for the first time. The outro is also entirely useless and corny - dueling pentatonic solos? Come on people, didn’t we graduate middle school?
5- another one in 3/4, this one a little heavier. Really corny lyrics.
6- sweet acoustic and lap-steel driven ballad. Unoriginal, uneventful and unenergetic but pretty and pleasant all the same.
7- another slow ballad cum rocker, complete with cornball coda.
8- four-chord palm-muted verse, into poppy section, then spacey melodrama coda action.
9- yet another waltz, this time in a minor key and just vox/acoustic g.
10- more slow and sad rock
11- synth-driven and faster

Track Listing
1. German Girl, She Was Americn   6. My Parts Will, not Rust
2. Let Him Out   7. Dimorphic Hips Have Chances
3. Smiling with Teeth   8. American Spear
4. Experimental Pop Song   9. To Be with You
5. Occasionally Stereo   10. Wayward Scout
  11. Ecstatic Bourgeois Tendency