White, Jim / Searching for the Wrong-Eyed J
Album: Searching for the Wrong-Eyed J   Collection:General
Artist:White, Jim   Added:Aug 2005
Label:Luka Bop  

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Album Review
matthew stark rubin
Reviewed 2005-12-14
Jim White Presents… “Searching for the Wrong Eyes Jesus” Original Movie Soundtrack. Luaka Bop, Reviewed by Matthew Stark Rubin. FCC CLEAN.

Indie-Folk. This is a soundtrack, with folkster Jim White most heavily represented and curating the whole affair. His songs are typical indie-folk of the slightly dark, brooding variety, storytelling in the lyrics. The rest of the artists here compliment his stuff nicely. A bunch of singer/songwriters doing that whole rootsy-and-gritty-but-bittersweet-and-profound thing, plus some classic traditionals. The theme is the American South, and it’s clear that White envisions himself as a modern day Flannery O’Conner using music to capture the depression of the region. Is it accurate? Probably not. But a nice listen all the same.

Picks: 2, 4, 5, 14

Track 1- Short dialogue. DO NOT PLAY.

Track 2- fingerpicking in the moody folk style with sporadic acoustic bass. Tells a somewhat incoherent story in a nice, calm voice with pretty, airy female backing vox. Towards the end it starts to groove a bit with more pronounced bass, some percussion and echoing guitars.

Track 3- Sorta country with some eerie atmospheric background. Two-step bass-line with dancey drums and some minor chords. Reminds me of mark knopfler’s solo work but more country.

Track 4- You all know this song. Cat Power’s most radio-ready hit. Sad 4 note guitar pattern and drum-machine like dance beat the whole time. Her classic vocal style- unstable, upset, and awesome. She harmonizes beautifully with herself in this one. Play it!

Track 5- Dark minor key blues. Aggressive, plaintive singing with a deep voice. Almost sounds like a spiritual number adopted for voice and guitar. It’s about a girl, I think, but it talks a lot about the Mississippi river. You get the idea.

Track 6- Acoustic guitar and bass start with a vamp. Singer tells story with rare spurts of melody. Melody starts creeping in and suddenly we get drums, full instrumentation, and a catchy pop refrain. Rest of the song alternates between these styles. A little corny for my tastes.

Track 7- Banjo or Dobra, I can’t tell, but just that. Spiritual singing atop. This one belongs in the O Brother Where Art Thou department.

Track 8- Just talking, NOT A SONG. DO NOT PLAY.

Track 9- Another minor key dance number in the verse. Singer has a really interesting voice. The chorus is even darker than the verse and more straight-ahead alt-country rock.

Track 10- Traditional bluegrass number, banjo and twangy voice (almost yodel).

Track 11- I swear these are the same chords as “Everybody Hurts” by REM. Just an electric guitar and a sad-sack sounding southern dude singing about having no job and how and why he robbed the feed store. Then a woman takes over singing with vibrato. REALLY BORING but the lyrics are stupid enough to keep it a little funny at least. At the end he kills someone.

Track 12- Doc Watson plays the blues. It’s classic bluegrass/blues. ‘Nuff said.

Track 13- This is Amazing Grace done instrumental and weird. Various car and other noises in the background while some odd instrument that sounds like the wind whistles the tune.

Track 14- Some Jim O’Rourke-like noise effects and synth with sad guitar picking. Pretty and standard singing on top of the less secure instrumental foundation. The chorus adds percussion, slide guitar, and a catchy vocal part, but not a lame one like track 6. Eventually he’s riffing off of the lyrics of Amazing Grace, and it’s cool. Pretty.

Track 15- More talking. DO NOT PLAY.

Track Listing
1. Everything Was Stories   8. Small Town
2. Still Waters   9. Black Soul Choir
3. My Sisters Tiny Hands   10. Little Maggie
4. Crosbones Style   11. First there Was
5. The Last Kind Words   12. Coo Coo Bird
6. The Wound that Never Heals   13. Amazing Grace
7. Wayfaring Stranger   14. Christmas Day
  15. Essential Truth