Dub Fx / Dub Fx
Album: Dub Fx   Collection:Reggae
Artist:Dub Fx   Added:Aug 2005
Label:Pyramid Records Group  

Recent Airplay
1. Jul 15, 2007: My First Show Ever
Tell Me What You Want
4. Nov 30, 2005: BubbaDubba
Children of Zion
2. Mar 15, 2006: The Dub Space
Tell Me What You Want
5. Nov 30, 2005: Acid Jam
One Sided Dub
3. Feb 08, 2006: The Dub Space
The Money
6. Nov 23, 2005: BubbaDubba
One Sided Dub, Hard Road

Album Review
Sadie McFarlane
Reviewed 2005-09-04
Dub FX – Dub FX (Pyramid Music)
Reviewed by Sadie O., 9/4/05
US (San Jose?) Pop/Reggae – when they’re on, they sound a lot like vintage Steel Pulse, which is a fine thing for a band to sound like. Unfortunately, then they’re not on, they can get a bit cringe-worthy. The music is generally quite enjoyable, with good production and a very strong horn section, and the main lead singer has a soulful delivery, but they could really use a new lyricist – too many songs are like New Kids on the Block goes Rock Steady. Pity – they could be a decent band, but they’re clearly focused on mass market appeal.
No FCCs that I could make out, although track 12 is pretty suggestive. Best track by far is 10, with 11 and 1 close behind.
1. 3:46 **definitely the “hit” – good complex reggae sound and dub/toast break midway through.
2. 4:24 *ska tempo and reggae riddim alternate. Rather insipid lyrics, but pleasant enough sound.
3. 3:32 old-school rock steady riddim with bubbling keyboard. Again, lyrics like a boy band.
4. 4:13 same like track 3 with a bit of dubwise thrown in.
5. 3:02 same like track 3. Here’s where it gets cringe-worthy; for Jah’s sake quit sniveling, bwoy!
6. 5:20 **much better – nice full midtempo reggae sound, sufferation lyrics.
7. 5:12 **Roots Rock Reggae, rasta lyrics, very Steel Pulse-style delivery.
8. 4:04 more stuff like tracks 3-5.
9. 5:53 uptempo, decent lyrics about uniting in the struggle. Somewhat sophomoric hip hop break. Smooth-jazzy near end.
10. 4:32 ***nice bouncy beat, more Jamaican-sounding vocalist, sufferation lyrics.
11. 5:01 **fun production, lots of scratch-n-sniff.
12. 4:49 a bit slick musically, all about sexual invitation.
13. 4:08 rock steady riddim, somewhat overproduced guitar, swaggering lyrics.
14. 3:57 perfectly respectable (if not ground-breaking) dub track.

Track Listing
1. Tell Me What You Want   8. Yesterday
2. Busted   9. Tiger
3. Little Bird   10. More Den a Million
4. So Please   11. The Money
5. Come Again   12. Lonely Man
6. Hard Road   13. Big Shot
7. Children of Zion   14. One Sided Dub