Iron Lung / Life. Iron Lung. Death
Album: Life. Iron Lung. Death   Collection:General
Artist:Iron Lung   Added:Aug 2005
Label:625 Thrashcore  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2005-10-09
Iron Lung – Life. Iron Lung. Death. + 17 (Six Two Five)
Bay area hardcore duo. Short, complex tracks that touch on everything from power violence, Black Sabbath, to math metal. Lots of noise tracks, intros and samples. This is crushingly heavy, changes speeds and heaviness a lot, and does not sound like just two people. The intros are very industrial sounding.
**1. Quiet noise fade in, vocal sample and then a brutal power violence pummeling. Discordant guitar and the track slows down during the last part.
2. Another noise intro into a fast track that goes through a number of changes.
**4. Bursts of grinding speed and lots of discordant guitar.
5. Slow and heavy.
6. Scary sampled intro and slow and heavy like the last track. Then the track kicks into their fast hardcore.
**8. Feedback, screams, and slow which changes into some serious math grind.
11. Pummeling and straight forward.
**12. Multiple vocalists, a more obvious riff, discordance, and short.
13. Short power violence.
14. Slow, ominous beginning into lots of stop start parts.
16. Slower, uglier, more punk.
17. Noisy.
18. Slow lurching guitar but quick drums. Acapella screams towards the end.
19. Noise, slow doom, then complex metal-ish sounds all in 50 seconds.
**21. Emo-ish indie rock jangling guitar that turns into a wonderfully melodic dirge not unlike Isis.
22. Raw with individual note guitar riff.
24. Lots of different parts, sort of crazy and all over the place like Fantomas.
**26. Noise, controlled guitar feedback, into Ruins-esk changes, start/stop and bursts.
28. Straightforward raw heavy hardcore.
30. Just vocals and drums to start into noisy messy sound. Throw in a couple quick changes.
31. Power tools? For the first 30 seconds or more.
32. Cleaner, not as heavy, punk-ish.
**33. Noises and Sabbath-like riff. Slow, pained, heavy. Blistering fast for the last 5 seconds.
34. Tradeoff vocals with discordant guitar.
36. They play around with speed on this track. Proggy feel.
**37. Noisy and discordant with lots of changes.
Great stuff! -mph

Track Listing
1. Diagnosis   20. ...As Technology Advances
2. Condemned   21. Sound of Cold
3. Shingles   22. Brain-Scan Excorcism
4. One Cure for Two Diseases   23. Iron Lung
5. Cauterization   24. Pushing Life
6. Paralized Words   25. Abduction Boots
7. Manufactured   26. Concentric Circulator
8. Care for the Machine   27. Arc Lamp
9. A Grim Possibility for Owen   28. Regenerate
10. Life. Iron Lung. Death.   29. Mechanical Assistance
11. Primal Therapy Pt. 3   30. Placement Six
12. Rate of Respiration   31. Modified for Arm Abduction
13. Life's Worth   32. Positive Pressure Breathing
14. Cleansing Breath   33. If Polio Strikes
15. Stricken   34. Storage Unit
16. Complications   35. Body Enclosing
17. Jarvik 7   36. Pathoclast
18. Focal Segmental Glomerular   37. Esocargophagus
19. Thankful   38. Spirophore