Finklestein, Norman / An Issue Of Justice: Origins Of The Israel/Palestinian Conflict
Album: An Issue Of Justice: Origins Of The Israel/Palestinian Conflict   Collection:Spoken Word
Artist:Finklestein, Norman   Added:Sep 2005
Label:Ak Press  

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2005-11-02
About as close as KZSU can come to presenting another view, balanced presentation of the Palestinian Problem and Israel’s Final Solution. Brooklyn Jew and son of Holocaust survivors, Finkelstein is a former NYU professor who questions popular beliefs and perceptions of “anti-semitism” and boils the conflict in Palestine and the Middle East down to a land grab and speaks and writes about the “holocaust industry”. Not afraid to outline the imbalance, the disproportionate struggle between displaced Palestinians and well funded heavily armed Israeli occupiers, Finklestein’s thoughts obviously don’t go over well with American media and government dogma and his work has been duly censored and blacklisted. A lot of what he points out is along the lines of Chomsky, and he points out that Amy Goodman (Democracy Now) is about the only mainstream media he can find a voice in. This is taken from a speech he gave at UC Berkeley fairly recently. Great stuff.

1) creation of a jewish state post-WWII in an Arab community, creating an “apartheid state”
2) debunking anti-israel hate, antagonism, anti-semitism
3) support for Zionists, euro-centrism, bertand russel
4) american’s side with Israel occupation maybe cuz they relate because of the conquest of the west, displacement of indigenous people in the name of “progress”
5) excellent history of the occupation in 1948
6) UN Resolution 242, two states, cant acquire land by hostility, more great history, funny stuff about global warming drowning Israel’s allies
7) 1987 Intifada, imprisonment of Palestinians by Israel, as many political prisoners as in Iraq, all ill-treated, analogies to aparteid
8) Camp David meeting with Clinton in 2000, Saudi plan, peace offensive that needs to be thwarted
9) jewish aggression, Israel’s imbalanced casualties, bombing of a Lebanese hospital, Israeli war crimes
10) figure for conflict related deaths, concentration camp mention, Gaza is the world’s largest concentration camp, long but ends on a very positive note
11) israel’s withdrawl, “I’m a communist, don’t believe in states”
12) who are the “free Palestine” supporters? Secular jews and practicing muslim women, inspirational
13) talks of technology and Amy Goodman’s “democracy now”, how its lamentable that she is his only mass media outlet, rips thug Derschowitz on his “sources”, hilarious
14) American jew’s influence
15) some promotion of his latest books, works, ending

Track Listing
1. The Jewish Question And The Zionist Movement   8. Arafat The Terrorist, The Saudi Peace Plan And The Second Intifada
2. Arab Antagonism To Zionism   9. The Big Stick, Operation Defensive Shield And War Crimes
3. Population Expulsion And Western European Elite Opinion   10. The War, Concentration Camps And The Holocaust
4. Zionism, Conquest And Elite Western European Values   11. Communism And The Moral Decision Of The Two State Solution
5. 1948 And The Expulsion Of The Indigeous Population Of Palestine   12. An Issue Of Justice
6. The "Two State" Settlement And International Opinion   13. The New Technology, Research, And Alan Dershowitz
7. Foiling The Plo's Peace Offensive, The First Intifada, And Oslo   14. American Jews, Anti-Semitism, Influence And Israel
  15. Works In Progress