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Album Review
Reviewed 2005-11-21
Very French pop--complex, psychedelic, dance-oriented, and cinematic. Mostly male, English vocals--but some female singing and one song in Swedish. Lots of unassuming but bizarre sounds... like piano processed till it’s barely identifiable. Lyrics contributed by Alfreda Benge (Robert Wyatt’s wife) and Elinore Blake (April March). In lesser hands, this sort of material would be super cheesy. Here it’s fantastic. Newest solo release, recorded last year, from this prolific Parisian composer/ arranger/ producer. His artist-harem includes Einstrürzende Neubauten, Laibach, April March, Air, Mick Harvey, Depeche Mode, Ladytron, & others. Burgalat is a master of musical key changes and baroque arrangements. Tracks here range from 0:38 to over four mins. Songs fade unless noted. FCC clean. All tracks great. Start with 1+2, 5, 8, 10, 12.

==> 1. Chopped up overture with a bit of everything that’s to come. Dreamy. Under 60 secs. Intended to be played with next track.
==> 2. Semi-heavy pop -- gentle but a bit scary, like April March. “We could disappear like the river in the mist.” Intended to be played with previous track. Starts suddenly with vocals and full band.
3. Sparse, lilting French ballad. Subtly sad. Burgalat’s voice is a bit cloying but mostly simply sincere. Starts with quiet guitar, then a bit of piano. Gets very sparse at end, with synthetic snare, piano, and bass.
4. Swaying ‘60s-ish ballad. Sung in French. Starts with heavily processed piano and jazzy percussion. Long, slow fade.
5. Sparse, slow, trippy ballad. Cool distorted percussion. Starts with church organ, which continues through most of song. Ends with 20+ seconds of solo piano.
6. Slow, dreamy, weird ballad. Sung in French. Key changes keep the song evolving. Horns give it a bit of a Beatles feel. Ends with a bit of synth oddness.
7. Psychedelic disco ballad. Oh, did I mention there are lots of key changes? Lush with synthetic choral vocals. Starts with a processed mandolin strum. Spoken interlude in middle, then heavy disco drums.
==> 8. Dense, happy, rolling French pop. “She had long white legs, a clean back porch with an awning.”
9. Disco instrumental with male choral “ahh.. ahh...” vocals reminiscent of Electrane. Starts with drums.
==> 10. Sparse, quiet ballad. Oh, with key changes. Starts with quiet synth chord. “I take what I find. The angels combine.”
11. Minimal disco beat with spoken French vocals. Starts with mysterious interplay between pulsing sub-bass and organ. ends suddenly.
==> 12. Odd, minimal folk ditty. Female, unison left/right Swedish (I think) vocals. Starts with bouncy piano chords. Ends pretty suddenly.
13. Disco pop. Male & female vocals. “Anything I want to do, I don’t want to do it with you.” Starts with synth strings, then disco beat. Ends with ascending synth figure.
14. Sparse synthetic instrumental. Starts with cheesy echoed synth chord. Includes synth chorus, noise, and “Snowflakes Are Dancing” references.
15. Slow, sparse, downer ballad. Starts with echoed piano. Then synth male chorus. And key changes. Female backing vocals.
16. Funky disco with spoken male vocals in French. Starts with a bit of synth, then rhythm section. Gets quiet at end.
17. Spacey disco instrumental. Starts with angelic synth chorus. Ends with a fluttery, ascending synth figure he’s used for April March.
18. Rolling, French pop instrumental with heavily processed female “ahh... ahh... vocals. Sounds quite like Air or Mellow. Ends suddenly.
19. Begins with quiet piano. Very short and ends with 11 secs of silence.
20. Rolling French pop. Beginning sounds a lot like ’70s Britpop band 10cc. Starts loud. Long, slow fade, then four secs of silence.
21. Sparse disco ballad, sung in French. Lots of spacey embellishments. Starts with harmony vocals. Ends with harmony vocals, quick fade, then some silence.

Track Listing
1. Examen De Conscience   10. The Angels Combine
2. Ripples   11. Vestibule D'ombres
3. Spring Isn't Fair   12. Broder Kung
4. Noel Sur Ordonnance   13. Pleased Me
5. Pablo's Dove   14. Sun-Dials
6. Je Suis Seul Dans Ma Chanson   15. Waiting For Rain
7. Ma Boite A Musique   16. Re
8. Another World Gone By   17. Orea Onira
9. Demolition Derby   18. Palo
  19. La Dernier Plage