Thrones / Day Late, Dollar Short
Album: Day Late, Dollar Short   Collection:General
Artist:Thrones   Added:Oct 2005
Label:Southern Lord Recordings  

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Album Reviews
Chauncy Sunderland
Reviewed 2006-12-04

Note: of the ones I'm reviewed, only one is "heavy" (16).

**7. Reminds me of a more distorted version of Tom Waits's "Please Wake Me Up" sans orchestration.
*13. Is kind of spooky and weird. I would say it is good for radio.
***16. This is really, really good. The first half is heart wrenching with the vocoder on top of super thick guitar and the anticipation of the downbeats and snare hits. The second half is experimental, found-soundy, electronics. ...and really good! Try this one out even though it is long.
18. The first 20 seconds is an interesting barbershop quartet.
*19. Very full, lush ambience.
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2006-11-01
Doom metal, sludge rock, experiemental weirdness, sample art and weird noise. Thrones is Joe Preston (Sunn 0))), ex-Melvins, High On Fire) on bass, guitar and drum programming. A fully functional one man band. When the riffs & songs are there they work. Othertimes the experimental stuff comes across as unfinished work that was better left as unreleased. A mostly solid release, though.

((((1)))) Excellent sludgy instrumental made up of a main riff and slooow outro.
(((((2)))) Lots of low end and slow moving murk. Like Man Is The Bastard fronted by demented robots.
((((3)))) Straight up punkish rockin’ tune with some spoken vocals.
((4)) Sebadoh on downers? Home recordings with basic “noodling around” feel.
((5)) Dunno what this is!? Drum machine and keyboard going apeshit but not really interesting.
(((6))) Overdrive, distortion turned all the way and looped, slowed down vox.
(((7))) Bizarre kid’s show theme song. Sung on seriously looooo-fi equipment.
(((8))) Beat-box like drums and psych-metal robot funk (?) from hell.
((9)) Silly keyboard interlude. Like the intro of some 80’s “fantasy” video game.
(10) I’ve got a keyboard and I’m gonna fuck around with “Flight of the Bumblebee” on it.
((((11)))) Proper, up-right & rockin’ sludge-core. Residents cover (I dunno the original)
(12) Silly goofy off at home.
((13)) Odd mix of sample about some religion, a bit of sludge and more samples of hell kid voices.
(((((14))))) Crazy but ace cover of Rush’s “Oracle” (from “2112” dood!)
(((((15))))) Killer cover of the Blue Oyster Cult classic. Great vocals and guitar/bass work.
((((((16))))) Perfect! Absolutely stunning mix of ultra-heavy guitars, vocoder voice and minimal beats. Incredible to hear/see live!
((17)) Disjointed voice and riffs – too many weird ideas that don’t work.
((((18))))) Weird, almost pop vibe amongst the layers of distortion. Strangely wonderful.
((((19)))) Nice dark ambient flow.

Track Listing
1. The Suckling   10. Simon Legree
2. Young Savage   11. Easter Woman
3. Algol   12. Valley Of The Thrones
4. Reddleman   13. Oracle
5. Senex   14. Black Blade
6. Silvery Colorado   15. Obolus
7. Coal Sack   16. Davids Lib
8. Epicus Doomicus Bumpitus   17. A Quick One
9. Piano Handjob   18. The Walk
  19. Nostos Algos