Balzac / Out Of The Grave And Into The Dark
Album: Out Of The Grave And Into The Dark   Collection:General
Artist:Balzac   Added:Dec 2005

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2006-01-24
Glam horror punk and roll, metal/industrial tinged but with 2/4 galloping beats, what you might expect from The Misfits’ record label. Unfortunately many songs veer into crap pop-punk realm and the cheesy cd liner photos appear to be substantiated. But then they quickly go back to the good stuff. Weird. Maybe it’s a Japanese thing to “look the part” and to intersperse obligatory crap pop material but as an American purist I wish they’d just stick to the heavy material. I think they sing in Japanese so no FCC worries, just worry about the crap pop-punk factor (btw: if you like pop-punk, just invert this entire review. In case you didn’t notice I don’t even consider it a viable genre).

1) doomy slow-mid sparse intro
2) galloping near 2/4 upbeat hard rockin
3) 2/4 gallop but a more glammy metal tone and pop punk type vocals
4) pop crap
5) heavy rockin, screamo vocs, cool shit
6) pop crap
7) pop
8) cool industrial rock feel with noises and drop tuned depth
9) driving pop ick
10) yawn pop
11) quiet start then a brief drum and bass snippet followed by heavy urgent rock
12) murder sample intro followed by hair metal wanky 2/4 pop punk
13) barf
14) ick
15) sci-fi movie sample intro feel, then a sampled electro industrial tune follows that is cool in a NIN/Skinny Puppy way, another take on track 8
16) pop repetition but like an amalgam of all the above, dude, this sucks, huh huh huh
17) sorry, I cant get past that sucky pop-punk vocalization
18) yet another take on tracks 8 and 15, this must be their “hit” but I can see why, its cool
19) poop-punk, but more poop than punk
20) a case study in “at which part, measure, does a good punk song turn to shitty pop-punk?”
21) this one sucks from the start
22) a cheesy ballad that is surely Velveeta (maybe this is the one that gets them little Japanese groupies who dress like anime characters and wear hello kitty hair things)

Track Listing
1. The Grave - Dreizehn   12. Beware Of Darkness
2. Zetsubou-No-Ano-Basho-E   13. I Know
3. Season Of The Dead   14. Gimme Some Truth
4. Inside My Eyes   15. Beyond Evil 308 Pt.1
5. Shi-Wo-Yubi-Sasu   16. D.A.R.K.
6. The Pain Is All Around   17. Blood Inside 68
7. Came Out Of The Grave   18. Beyond Evil 308 Pt.2
8. Beyond Evil 308   19. Gyakusatsu-No-Mukougawa
9. Art Of Dying   20. Xxxxxx
10. The World Without End   21. I Cant Stand It Anymore
11. Im Losing You   22. Yami-No-Hikari-E