1349 / Hellfire
Album: Hellfire   Collection:General
Artist:1349   Added:Jan 2006
Label:Candlelight Records  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2006-02-17
Ultra-fast & battering black/thrash metal from Norway. Frost from Satyricon does a phenomenal job on the drum. This is over the top but with enough variation to keep it continually interesting. The vocals are aggressive but feature real singing instead of screetching like a lot of typical B.M. One of the best in Black Metal for sure.
(((((1))))) Great way to open the album. Hell-fire! And that’s EXACTLY what you get. A blast of fiery, rabid B.M.
(((((2))))) Overwhelming fast & thrashy with torrential drumming, emphasis on every word.
(((((3)))) Aggressive but with a quasi-trad speed metal feeling. (ala Sodom)
(((((4))))) Machine-gun quick black/thrash vs. trad black metal. Great riffing but Frost is a little too ‘busy’ with the blasting.
((((5)))) Unrelenting, headbanging. A mix of old thrash/black & modern stuff like Satyricon. Great breakdowns.
((((6)))) Slow, doomy then lots of killer stop/starts that eventually grow on you.
((((((7)))))) Overpowering pure & true Norwegian black metal with a nod to Possessed. Awesome !
((((8)))) Starts like annoying outro but eventually picks up into blazing speed & but this epic goes on for 12 fucking minutes too long.

Track Listing
1. I Am Abomination   5. To Rottendom
2. Nathicana   6. From The Deeps
3. Sculptor Of Flesh   7. Slaves To Slaughter
4. Celestial Deconstruction   8. Hellfire