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1. May 19, 2006: Rock in a Position: I'll punch a donkey in the streets of Galway
Vapour Steals The Glow
4. Feb 18, 2006: There Aren't Enough Holes In One Human Body
Puke A Pitch Black Rainbow To The Sun
2. Feb 23, 2006: Rock in a Position
This One Is Cursed
5. Feb 16, 2006: Dust On My Dreamboat
This One Is Cursed
3. Feb 21, 2006: lick My moody Guitar
This One Is Cursed
6. Feb 15, 2006: Deep in the Groove
Claimant Reclaimed

Album Review
Ben Wolfson
Reviewed 2006-02-04
Extremely mellow, lo-fi psych folk/singer-songwriterism. Very intimate-sounding (recorded at home), with some nicely placed electronic effects. Not unlike Richard Youngs' "May", David Thomas Broughton, or early Elliott Smith---music for moping. This is all very slow-paced, quiet, and atmospheric.

1: hushed vox, pretty guitar part.
2: Occasional cymbal crashes, and what sounds like a bowed cymbal. The basic structure of the song isn't that interesting (repetitive guitar part without much melody), but the drone that occasionally wells up in the background is very well done.
3: Backwards-masking! Tapping and bells in the background, this is more of an interlude than a song proper.
4: Like the first track. Great lyrics, fairly depressed.
5: Brighter guitar sound here, bass drone under the guitar.
6: Starts off with bird samples. Slow-moving even for this album. The lyrics are kind of creepy: "here is touching skin on skin on skin on skin ...". Ends with pretty electronics coming in and water-on-beach sounds, then more bird samples.
7: Most ornate guitar playing yet, active and melodic. Instrumental.
8: Like 2, this is mostly pretty straightforward with some interest added from spliced-in sounds, but not enough to make it really worth playing.
9: Starts off with extremely attenuated distortion, with gradually gains and then cuts off suddenly for the main part of the song.

Track Listing
1. Puke A Pitch Black Rainbow To The Sun   5. Grains
2. Claimant Reclaimed   6. Lost In Forests
3. Our Canon Of Transposition   7. Ape Thanks Lamb
4. This One Is Cursed   8. Oh Celebrate Your Vague Words And Coquettish Sovereignty
  9. Vapour Steals The Glow