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Artist:Report Suspicious Activity   Added:Feb 2006
Label:Alternative Tentacles Records  

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Album Review
Kremit The Horn
Reviewed 2006-02-20
Report SuspicioUS Activity Report SuspicioUS Activity Alternative Tentacles

Political, Angry Hardcore. Produced sound. (Unfortunately) veers towards heavy motorcycle/open road guitar riffs and commercial heavy metal/alt. rock. The lyrics, not the music, are the focal point. Shouted, not screamed. Angry, highly intelligible vocals with tough guy image, channeling intense disgust at American politics/social climate. Musically uneven...lyrics are pointed, direct fire...track four cracks me up!

1) Buttrock riff to hardcore to a softer, anthemic chorus (3:17)
2) FCC "fuck". Ahh, they hired Sevendust to write this? Avoid. (2:35)
3) med. alt rock, no hardcore. jagged wah-wah riff.sung. Last 10 sec. quiet (4:46)
***4) mild FCC "ass". A great wish list directed towards our great president George W (3:23)
*5) drony reflective instrumental interlude. starts quiet builds to end. (1:06)
*6) FCC "cock". pounding. empire, civil rights abuses. Guantanamo. (4:10)
7) A musical companion to 3. (4:10)
*8) Catchy. (3:28)
*9) FCC "ass", "fuckers". Firy lyrics. (3:31)
10) quieter, tense alt. stanzas. hardcore hook that belongs on The BONE (4:58)
11) Chorus is almost like early 70s rock. Heavy alt. rock (2:43)
12) pretty, incongruous piano interlude. (0:19)
*13) straight up angry rocker. (3:23)
*14) FCCs, lots of "bullshit"s. Political hardcore. (1:58)
*15) TWO SONGS. Initially similar to 10. Alt. rock that builds on a simple refrain and melody, and ends up being anthemic because of its simplicity, and instrumentation. Ends with 2:50 remaining. Second song starts with 2:30 remaning. Solo electric guitar. Reflective, "uplifting". (7:31)

Track Listing
1. Hardball   8. In On The Killing
2. The Night Of 1000 Lies   9. Under The Hill
3. Bin Laden Determined To Strike In U.S.   10. Amnesiacs
4. Revenge   11. Things We Lost In The Fire
5. Kurtz   12. Don's Futura Blues
6. Guantanamo   13. Patriot Act
7. The Evil That They Do   14. Subtle
  15. willed blind