Divine Empire / Method Of Execution
Album: Method Of Execution   Collection:General
Artist:Divine Empire   Added:Feb 2006
Label:Crash Music  

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Prelude To The Storm
3. Jun 11, 2006: Multiple Personality Disorder
Vowed Revenge
2. Jul 04, 2006: to heavy for titanium
Sanctioned Homicide
4. May 14, 2006: Multiple Personality Disorder
Vowed Revenge

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-08-05
A few doods from Malevolent Creation & Forest of Impaled playing some kick-ass, thick & brutal yet melodic death metal. Neither brutal for the sake of brutal nor melodic for the sake of melodic - just very riff heavy, punishing DM played from it’s blackend heart. Although 16 tracks is a bit too much. Kinda similar to: Nile, old Deicide and Immolation.

(((((1))))) Rolling, big sound with lots of crazy changes. Tech-y but traditional. Oüh!
((((2)))) Growling hell-beast fast ass, pretty raging grind-death Mr. Carcass have you met Mr. Brutal Truth?
((((((3)))))) Fast, death/speed with turbo-charged gallop riffage. GREAT dual vocals & weird breaks/solos. Air guitar to this shit!
(((((4))))) Blasting death torrent with some doomy parts. Really depraved lyrics (did Rumseld write this?). Killer wall o’ riffs (1:55-2:15 & 2:44-3:08)
(((5))) Standard death-groove ‘ala Deicide.
(((((6))))) WTF? Totally out of place but totally awesome acoustic, gypsy folk-waltz!
(((((7))))) An ever-building riff eventually descends doomward & over to trad. 80’s metal soloing land. Great mix!
((((8)))) ULTRA-Fast rapid fire beats/riffs. Jud-juds a plenty & solid bass sound.
(((((9))))) Crazy semi-tech structure ‘ala Misery Index then almost hardcore riffs underneath.
(((10))) Basic, bone crushing death metal some OK variations.
(((11))) Pantera gone batshit? Scattershot beats, jagged structure but mostly varied for the sake of being varied.
(((12))) Thick & battering death metal with some solid riffing.
(((13))) Black/death metal, the treble-laden meets the thick low-end havin’.
(((((14))))) At The Gates riffage with the Nile-like massive epic qualities.
(((((15))))) Awesome blasting & screamed intro, playing like a jackhammer on crack with lots of giant riffs. (FCC “fucking” sung once)
(16) Slow, sludgey instrumental, should kept these riffs on yer rehersal tape!

Track Listing
1. Vowed Revenge   9. Incarcerated
2. The Mangler   10. Judge Jury & Executioner
3. Surgical Strike   11. Terror Zone
4. Dungeon Mask   12. Sanctioned Homicide
5. Shadow Of Violence   13. Impervious Deception
6. Prelude To The Storm   14. Kill The King
7. Storm Of Hatred   15. Murderous
8. Random Beheadings   16. reduced to ashes