Ruins / Pallaschtom
Album: Pallaschtom   Collection:General
Artist:Ruins   Added:Feb 2006
Label:Skin Graft Records  

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Album Review
Ben Wolfson
Reviewed 2006-04-04
Spastic bass/drums/vox brutal prog from the grandfathers of the genre. The Ruins (in my opinion), via Magma, underlie the current crop of bands like Hella, Orthrelm, recent Flying Luttenbachers, Lightning Bolt, Upsilon Acrux, &c. This album is full of rapid-fire tempo and meter changes, progged-out riffing, bass & drums virtuosity, and nonsensical vocals ... kind of like every other Ruins album of the past 10 years (this one, though, has no MIDI bass, a blessing though it reduces the tonal variety). The incredibly limited palette makes it hard to recommend particular tracks over others; if you know the Ruins, you pretty much know what you're getting—it's all good. The medleys at the end are incredible.
Picks: 3, 11, 2, 15; 17 through 19.

1.Typical Ruins thrashing about; nothing particularly special.
2.More spacious in parts, with a greater focus on vocals.
3.Nice vocal duet with some much heavier thrashing. Ends with a focus on the bass developing a riff/solo.
4.Short (1:11) instrumental.
5.Jazzy drumming to start off, with a clean bass solo later.
6.Fairly straightforward as Ruins go.
7.Abstract section towards the end.
8.Alternating slow&clean/fast&distorted sections to start, with some really sinister vocals in a middle slow section.
9.Very high tempo, with a slower, space-rocky middle section.
10.Another instrumental.
11.Falsetto duet opens. Moves into a kind of crazy almost pastoral section! That then develops into more familiar territory, but this track, by virtue of its deviation from the expected, is really fantastic.
12.A little jazzier in parts than the other tracks but still close to the archetype.
13.Another short (1:17) track, not an instrumental, with more Magma-like unison vocals.
14.Bass loop shifting between left and right channels, the rest features the expected heavier distorted riffing as well as some clean playing.
15.Ferocious stop-start riffs, queasy singing.
16.Very strange and compelling vocals here, sounds like Yoshida's doing an impression of a torch singer at times.
Medleys! All of these are recommended. They're just what you'd expect, 20 to 40 songs compressed into one to two minutes, played on bass and drums.
17.The classical music medley.
18.The hard rock medley.
19.The progressive rock medley, and by far the most awesome.

Track Listing
1. Pallaschtom   10. Schvostess
2. Charaviss Perrdoh   11. Blimmguass
3. Znohjmo   12. Bupphairodazz
4. Nivaftopoftz   13. Jallamjikko
5. Celledomi Guazto   14. Ffilhizabmn
6. Guamallapish   15. Quetzalcoatl
7. Korromda Peimm   16. Yawiquo
8. Zippssidamn   17. Classical Music Medley
9. Czerudmuntzail   18. Hard Rock Medley
  19. Progressive Rock Medley