Twink / Broken Record, The
Album: Broken Record, The   Collection:General
Artist:Twink   Added:Mar 2006
Label:Seeland Records  

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Album Review
Wicked Child
Reviewed 2006-03-21
Audio-collage of children's records. Most tracks sound like they belong in an old cartoon. A lot are a combination of 4+ sources on a theme -- "Three Blind Mice" or "Indians" This album is like being trapped in a mildly sinister animated circus. Walt Disney would love this. Very surreal. He's a big fan of using the old Disney-style pieces -- the minstrel chorus or woodland animal chorus. Uses lots of recognizable samples & songs.

My favorites are the ones that actually sound like unique songs, and my absolute favorites are the one that combine modern turntablism with these anachronistic recordings. Those being: 3, 8, 14, 16. Good mostly-instrumentals: 19, 21. FCC Clean.

1. Horn fanfare then hip-hop scratching. Creepy high-pitched woodland animal narrating about "Mr. Magic." (1:32)
2. Female jazz vocalist, dark horns. Last minute is 50's Disney-ish animal chorus. Is it an FCC that this entire track is a thinly veiled sex metaphor? (2:02)
**3. "Ladies and gentlemen ..." intro with merry-melodies sound that breaks into a pounding bassline. Trapped in the animated circus feel. (2:17)
4. It's a riddle over a sunny funk guitar. (1:04)
5. Mashup of songs about monkies, all very retro children's vinyl. "Pop goes the weasel" backing. Reminds me of Kid Koala's silly compositions (1:57).
6. Mashup of ABC-songs. Linked by various admonishing and boo's. Awkward. (2:31)
7. Old MacDonald songs. Has a pretty consistent beat. Fun. (1:51)
*8. Playful song with a skiffling beat (2:04).
9. Big exposition song from an cartoon chain gang (2:17)
10. Male intro, sinister
11. Male-female call-and-response with tinny guitar & whistling, mixed with a video game bloop-beep. (1:27)
12. Shrill reading of Three Blind Mice, animal chorus reading trading with late-90s hip-Disney channel reading. Ends with a droning reading (1:50)
13. Spoken story over woodland-feel woodwind instrumentation. (2:39)
**14. Fairly soulful train song for a while, then female singers, choo-choo noises. Listenable song. (3:29)
15. Songs about sleeping -- "Frere Jacques" into "Down will come baby" -- twinkly music box "down will come baby" music throughout. Spoken word bit. Ends with "life is but a dream." Intros to next -- "we're still at the opera" less (2:17)
**16. The baritone "Toreador" aria from Carmen with lots of silliness -- scratching, pitch shifting, basslines (2:02)
17. Pastiche of snippets about (American) Indians, pretty funny exploitative intro, then "three little indians" then lots of "indian war music" (1:30)
18. Bizarre spoken word tale of 3 wishes with gentle guitar, xylophone and light strings. "Behold the power of cheese." (1:59)
19. Fun combination of some recognizable songs -- twinkle twinkle, sorcerer's apprentice. Basslines added. All instrumental. Sinister tour through childhood. (2:38)
20. Mostly spoken word bizarre take on Little Red Riding Hood. Lots of vinyl/retro static. (2:01)
21. "Just one more song" Music for a cartoon wherein a child's toy wakes up at night and stealthily creeping around the room. (2:55)

Track Listing
1. Mr. Magic   11. Whose Turn Is It?
2. Pussy Cat   12. Three Blind Mice
3. The Great Circus   13. Let Me See How You Do It
4. Riddle   14. Choo Choo
5. Monkeyshines   15. Life Is But A Dream
6. Alphabent   16. Hip Hopera
7. Animal Talk   17. Real Indians
8. Boys And Girls   18. Three Wishes
9. Hot Diggety   19. Yippee Skippee
10. Hammer   20. Grandmother Meets The Wolf
  21. The Broken Record