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Album: Francophonie 2006   Collection:World
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Mar 2006
Label:Francophonie Diffusion  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2006-03-22
Massive and fabulous 3-CD set of music from French-speaking African nations, though not all songs are sung in French. See the notes for info (frustratingly brief at times) on the sponsoring organizations and artists/labels. After I starred the first 7 tracks, I gave up. I don't think there was any track on here that I wouldn't play on my show. You could honestly pick any track from any CD in this collection and discover a gem worth some airtime, so find your own favorite. A mix of established world artists & newcomers, from whom I'd like to hear more. Songs range from traditional Arabic to Afro-pop to hip hop with a bit of everything in-between. Everything on here is worth a listen.

CD #1.
1. Lazy, downtempo vox/bass/perc/strings. Warm, sleepy, very cool.
2. Sweet, low-key vox/guitar/perc blend w/elements of Flemenco.
3. Bright & bouncy w/sweet vocals. Slows in middle, picks up again.
4. Mostly slow, solo vox/strings. Chorus adds a bright touch.
5. Slow blues guitar and vocals. Simple, powerful, and so good.
6. Sweet, sexy little Congolese rumba. Vox/pec/sax. Delicious.
7. Nicely swaying Afro-rumba w/great vocal harmonies. Yum!
8. Light, midtempo with warm vocals and a gentle sway.
9. Uptempo w/fast vocal sections. Electric guitars/perc/energetic.
10. Upbeat Senegalese dance groove w/horns/vox/per/guitars.
11. Fast perc/female vox/strings, Afro-funk. Makes you wanna dance.
12. Fast, fast hip-hop. 3 rappers from Mali. Hot!
13. Solid, midtempo Afro-reggae. Joyful, great horns/vocals.
14. Midtempo dance-pop, female vox, a happy sound.
15. Midtempo soul/funk/zouk blend for fem. vox/chorus.

1. Cool accordion & perc. A warm, rolling, mid/uptempo sound.
2. Rich fem vox/chorus/spare perc. A relaxed, powerful song.
3. Bright & swaying Congolese dance. Strong vocals.
4. Lyrical blend of vocals/acoustic guitar. Sweet, relaxing.
5. Folksy vocals, gentle perc, low key. Chorus at end.
6. Light, gentle vocals/perc/strings. Sweet and peaceful.
7. Husky, sexy fem vox/strings. Slow, with a touch of Brazil.
8. Percussion/guitar/male vox. Midtempo, jazzy, very cool.
9. Upbeat dance funk. Lots of percussion/keyboards.
10. Soaring vox, kora, guitar, perc. Midtempo, haunting. Yow!
11. Down/midtempo vocal duet w/sexy voices. Afro-Euro groove.
12. Percussion/horns/vocals. Upbeat funk.
13. Gentle, lowkey blend of tabla/vox/strings. Really lovely. Sigh…
14. Trumpet intro, perc/vox/guitars. Midtempo, meandering.

1. 3 singers/9 musicians Arabic w/a fairly traditional sound. Mid/up
2. Fast percussion jam w/drums & wood clacking. Instrumental. Cool
3. Trad. Arabic instruments/vox. Upbeat w/a rich/fun energy.
4. Lovely balafon solo. Bright, happy w/nice buzzing echo. Instr.
5. Upbeat but lowkey, w/kind of shrill fem voices/perc.
6. Lute/perc, soaring call/response vox. Mid/up, Moroccan sound.
7. Fuzzy bass, xylophone, call/response vox. Mid/up, so cool.
8. Upbeat perc/claps/bass/vocals a lightly funky w/a catchy groove.
9. Down/midtempo electro-lounge w/kittenish fem vocals.
10. Fuzzy Lebanese hip hop w/a downtempo lounge groove.
11. Afro-reggae-hip hop. Mid/uptempo.
12. Fem hip hop against a smooth funk/reggae/soul groove. Mid.
13. Midtempo hip hop with solid beats.
14. Tag-team hip hop in French w/a relaxed beat & sweet chorus.
15. Afro-pop w/European influences. Mid/uptempo, anthem-esque.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Pene, Omar Moudje
2. Sarr, Julia & Patrice Larose Yitte
3. Alune Sokhna Ci
4. Baco Bwana
5. Traore, Boubacar Kongo Magni
6. Rumbanella Band Kellya
7. Canta, Ballou Al-Sy
8. Luciana Guetele
9. Saintrick Ya Ngumbi
10. Nder Yaye Boy
11. Sali, Djagawara Mali Ba
12. Tata Pound Badala
13. Kamson, Jim Katari Man
14. Betika Miziki-Djah
15. Kante, Alama Wasso
16. Natiembe, Nathalie Cilaos
17. Salem Tradition Fanm
18. Lang'i Sambadia
19. Tapok La Mer
20. Marakass Tewambara
21. Akendengue, Pierre Bekelia
22. Ramos, Mariana Sem Razao
23. Tcheka Satanaz
24. Princezito Batuke Pilon
25. Meissa Joal
26. Kora, Bill Aka Faiseur De Pluie
27. Dia Dra Makono
28. Cuttayen, Bam Amandia
29. Danialou, Sagbohan Seyi
30. Qayna Jamalek
31. Kebe, Keba Bougarabous
32. Chehade Brothers Sitti
33. Keita, Aly Ziglibity
34. Wassa Dianka
35. Cherifa Isul Isul Umargh Nsh Awadigi
36. Masanka Sankayi & Kasai Allstars Feat. Mutumilayi Wa Muluendu
37. King Mensah Sona-Mawu
38. Soap Kills Aranis
39. Kitaayoun Feat. Soap Kills Adaram
40. Movaizhaleine Mupal Na Mukat
41. Naneth LBV mon blues
42. Master G Ainsi Sont Nos Vies
43. Chronik 2h Sans Frontieres, Hi Coleur
44. Alyoon Fatengen