Population Reduction / At The Throats Of Man Forever
Album: At The Throats Of Man Forever   Collection:General
Artist:Population Reduction   Added:Apr 2006

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-08-05
Local kick-ass grind/death metal & hardcore. Just two guys blasting away in the grand tradition of Repulsion (!), Autopsy, Terrorizer, Napalm Death, The Accüsed & Carcass.

(1) Just the crowd (at Burnt Ramen?) repeatedly telling them they suck ass
((((2)))) TOO MANY FCCs – SKIP it which is TOO BAD ‘cause this “let’s kill all the fuckin’ fake metal hipsters” sound fuckin’ RULES!
(((3))) So-so guttural metal/grind (FCC “what the fuck”)
((((4)))) Awesome crust/grind instrumental.
(((((5))))) Grind/death with groove, excellent riffs & a variety of zombiffied hog vocals.
((((5)))) Guttual vox, mid-pace to thrashin’ ‘ala Terrorizer. Great drum & riffage all over.
((((6)))) (FCC “fucked” at the beginning) 3 seconds of “Bllllleeeeeearrrrrggh”-core
((((7)))) 16 seconds of the same as above.
(((((8)))) AVOID! FCC violation up the wazoo! Too bad ‘cause this is a KILLER cover of the Abcess classic.

9-14 are pretty low-fi but mostly solid raw grind/death.

((((9))))) Early 90’s grind with nice h.c. breakdown.
((((10)))) Very guttural death metal. Really riffy & cymbal heavy.
((((11)))) Galllopping from hell with satan’s vaccum on vox in a scant 24 seconds.
((((12)))) Rhymic, Florida DM crossed with ’86-’89 UK grind.
((((13)))) Hardcore & grind metal attack.
(((14))) Ugly, really too ugly guttural sound.
((((15))) Dunno the original but sounds like Baphomet or one of those forgettable early 90’s death metal acts (It’s a Spawn Of Satan cover)

16-34 Live set WOBC (Oberlin College) “Live Box” aka: their Wednesday Night Live

((((17)))) Random instrumental jam with random people talking.
((((18))) Band intros themselves funny stuff. (FCC “fucking”)
(((19))) Unholy Grave cover. Pretty rippin’ & thrashy.
((((20)))) Nice doomy riffs still weirded out by the Yog Soggoth vocals.
(((21 & 22))) Regurittate covers. OK riffs terrible vox.
((24))) Bulldozing, jackhammer riffage
(((((26))) Great torrents of riffs but the vocals are right from satan’s anus.
((((30)))) Solid riffs, more “grizzly on crack” vocals.
(34) Is fucking hilarious, random on the spot funk improv sung in the Eric Cartman voice.

Track Listing
1. Plague Of The Artists   4. Ebola Attack
2. Technical Difficulties At The Tri-State Crematorium   5. Get Fucked
3. Slit Throat Appliance   6. Get Fucked (Konya Remix)
  7. I Don't Give A Fuck (Abscess)