Hicks, Bill / Love Laughter And Truth
Album: Love Laughter And Truth   Collection:Comedy
Artist:Hicks, Bill   Added:Jul 2006

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2006-07-04
Scathing social commentary disguised as comedy. Live performance in Denver from early 90’s (but just as relavent, timely, today, if not more). Hicks redefined/invented this brand of comedy, nothing you’ll ever see on Leno or Letterman (or Comedy Central). He died in 1994 and a handful of posthumous releases have been made available by Ryko. This is one. Picked it up at Frys. That’s the best part.


1) intro, drinking versus smoking
2) being pulled over for DUI, awesome
3) new york rents are like being mugged
4) dysfunctional upbringing and rednecks
5) pot smoking
6) drugs, irony of alcohol and the “war” against drugs
7) rips on children on planes, business assholes too
8) smoking, quitting
9) smoking in heaven, Hendrix, Keith Richards (play with Voodoo Child)
10) Australia, convicts lucking out of England
11) dick jokes, Americans hate their bodies
12) going to a dance club to fill his hump of hate “the hate camel”
13) wow, he baits the homophobes in the audience, then goes on and spoofs “lesbo” humor
14) the pope likes the thongs on florida beaches
15) cunilingus double standards
16) brief closing

Track Listing
1. Intro/Smokers Vs Drinkers   10. Australia
2. Drunk Driving   11. Satiating The American Comedy Audience
3. New York Apartment   12. Dance Club
4. My One Man Show   13. Speaking Of Homosexuality
5. Pot Smoking   14. Poe-Naw-Grah-Fee
6. Drugs Are Bad   15. A Question For The Ladies
7. Children On Airplanes   16. My Favoritie New Kid
8. 50 Year Smoker   17. You Can't Get Bitter
9. Smoking In Heaven   18. Closing Bit