Various Artists / Radio Thailand: Transmissions From The Tropical Kingdom
Album: Radio Thailand: Transmissions From The Tropical Kingdom   Collection:World
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jul 2006
Label:Sublime Frequencies  

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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2006-07-28
[coll]: Radio Thailand: Transmissions from the Tropical Kingdom
Reviewed by Sadie O., 7/28/06
Collages of bits of Thai radio broadcasts from 1989 to 2003 (music and spoken bits). Really quite enjoyable and listenable, and often quite amusing. CD 1 seems more musical and has less static than CD2, it seems to me.
FCC clean, although the short English bit in CD1 track 10 is pushing it a bit. Track 8 on CD 2 is completely INSANE. Other than that I like tracks 2, 6, 8 and 9 on CD 1; 5, 7 and 9 on CD 2.
1. 4:30 Lam Barometer
**fast, driving beat, tenor vocals, spoken interlude, then slower, swingy groove
2. 6:05 21st Century Perspiration
***starts with female speaking in English, then uptempo bit, some street sounds, totally weird vocals with rock background. Nuts!
3. 5:27 543 Years Ahead of YOU
**slow swingy groove, nasal vocals, some rather staticky bits, some groovy mambo and laughter

4. 4:03 Northeastern Provincial Frequencies
**dramatic and cheesy farfisa opening, smooth male vocals, ends with crazy squeals
5. 4:41 Tourism Past the Medium Wave
**starts with news in English, some random electronics, midtempo odd song – more randomness for first half than most tracks
6. 6:52 Isan Immortal
***crazy midtempo beat and vocals, farfisa, some truly odd noises, then midtempo almost gamelan sound with female vocals
7. 6:12 Torrential Nostalgia
**midtempo swingy groove, male vocals, then cute duet, a bit of halting speech in English about computers, female singing, then odd noises and random bits
8. 6:51 Pad Pen Pinh
***traditional stringed instrument of some kind, groovy midtempo rock ‘n’ roll with female vocals, some utterly manic male singing, a bit of hard rock, then lounge farfisa. Gonzo!
9. 5:17 Rao Rao
***chorus, almost sounds like an advertising jingle, static, then another one, then a loungey bit with insane horn
10. 5:52 Mak Mak Darkie
*male speaking, midtempo horn, random bits, bit of English about “purgative, causes one to defecate” – may be FCC
11. 4:48 Dongrek Apparitions
**monks chanting, scratchy violin and downtempo groove, strange vocalizations without beat.
CD 2:
1. 5:34 Giant Catfish Fry
**odd male vocals and squeezebox, long spoken bit in English about giant catfish, cute female singing -sounds like film music.
2. 5:14 Krung Thep Marketing
*excited male spoken word (static), drums and more speaking. A lot of random stuff, then female singing.
3. 5:28 Space Station Hilltops
**female singing with odd percussion. Gamelon, then slow jazzy sax, sweet female singing, random bits, monks chanting
4. 5:06 Blow-Dried Pop Collage
**odd male vocals and violin, midtempo swingy groove, bit of cool rock ‘n’ roll midway through, then odd interview, random bits.
5. 5:22 Folk DJ’s Armed with Technology
***goofy pop beat and female vocals, truly weird squeezebox and male vocals. Definitely a crazy track.
6. 5:50 The End of the News
*monks chanting, high speed gamelan, midtempo pop, not great sound quality. Then accordion and oddness.
7. 4:52 Rubber of High Quality
***groovy beat and childish vocals, bit of news in English
8. 5:20 Oddities in Humidity
!!!!***absolutely bum-fuck mad!
9. 5:24 Welcome to the World of Music
***applause, pompous keyboard and sax, slow ballad, some hula music (?!), monks chanting, rock ‘n’ roll
10. 4:27 Tropid Audio Ephemera
*emotional spoken dialog, bit of English translation, midtempo song, jazzy sax and female vocals
11. 5:32 The Outer-Periphery Splash
**crazed spoken bits, midtempo swingy groove, ends with truly weird female vocals (continues into next track)
12. 6:51 Amplitude Massage and Beyond
bad quality, but nice rockin farfisa, bit of news in English about AIDS, monks chanting (or something)

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Unknown Lam Barometer
2. Unknown 21st Century Perspiration
3. Unknown 543 Years Ahead Of You
4. Unknown Northeastern Provincial Frequencies
5. Unknown Tourism Past The Medium Wave
6. Unknown Isan Immortal
7. Unknown Torrential Nostalgia
8. Unknown Pad Pen Pinh
9. Unknown Rao Rao
10. Unknown Mak Mak Darkie
11. Unknown Dongrek Apparitions
12. Unknown Giant Catfish Fry
13. Unknown Krung Thep Marketing
14. Unknown Space Station Hilltops
15. Unknown Blow-Dried Pop Collage
16. Unknown Folk Dj's Armed With Technology
17. Unknown The End Of The News
18. Unknown Rubber Of High Quality
19. Unknown Oddities In Humidity
20. Unknown Welcome To The World Of Music
21. Unknown Tropic Audio Ephemera
22. Unknown The Outer-Periphery Splash
23. Unknown Amplitude Massage And Beyond