Glorium / Fantasmas
Album: Fantasmas   Collection:General
Artist:Glorium   Added:Aug 2006
Label:Golden Hour Records  

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3. Apr 05, 2007: Fiction Romance
The Double
2. Apr 07, 2007: Biff Bang Pow
The Double
4. Mar 29, 2007: Fiction Romance
Vaccine, Mercury Rises Psyklops

Album Review
Lester Sczerpowski
Reviewed 2007-03-22
Post-punk rock retrospective. Lo-fi, fast, and jagged. Angular guitar. Thick, snaky basslines. The vocals tend to be snarled, full of disdain, and difficult to make out, so i may have missed some FCCs, but there are definitely some: FCC 14,15. Could imagine on Elias, Yary, or possibly Bill's show.

**1-3:20) Mid-fast.Catchy. Rousing chorus. Ends low then final chord.
2-4:07) Synth and tricky pounding drum. Angular guitar(s). Ends on quick synth fadeout.
3-1:19) Experimental jazzy noodling. Elephant horns, surfy beat and bass, plinky pianos. Fadeout.
*4-4:03) Bass and beat almost same as 3. But a rock song proper. Distorted vox. Ends reverb chord.
5-4:34) Long intro - strummed chord and arpeggio figure. Slow/mid stomp. Gets garage-bluesy. Held-chord end.
6-3:12) Distorted, raw intro. Develops into loud rocker.
7-5:52) Slow, quiet. Prominent bassline. Whispered vox. Picks up at -3:00. Quickly falls back to quiet tension.
8-4:57) Soft beginning. Spoken/sung biting sarcastic vox. Progressively more aggressive and insane. Last -:40 slowly comes to a halt.
**9-5:37) Fast distinctive rhythm shared between bass, guitar and drum runs throughout. More sour vox. Fadeout.
10-3:40) Guitar chord intro. Driving mid/fast straightahead rocker. Held-chord end.
11-4:11) Spyish. Mid/fast. Sudden end.
12-2:39) Jerky guitar riffs. fast. Muted/distorted vox. Active baseline, cowbell. Sudden fadeout ending.
13-3:44) Mid. funky. prominent vocals. sudden end.
14-2:54) Fast driving rock with some sax blonks. FCC "fuck"
15-3:05) Fast. Voice has lots of disdain. FCC "fuck". Sudden end.
**16-3:05) Catchy standard drum pattern, with single drony guitar note on top. Ends with quick fade.
17-3:35) Begins with quiet wandering experimenting. Then breaks into loud midtempo rock with thick bassline. Sudden end.
*18-4:38) Different from other tracks. Live? Heavy, reverby beginning. echoy, vocals out front. Muscular. Ends sudden.

Track Listing
1. The Double   10. .Future News From The Front Lineghost-Writer
2. Black Market Hearts   11. Ghost-Writerrip-Off
3. The Dorr Is Ajar   12. Rip-Offhere We Come To Your City
4. Vaccine, Mercury Rises Psyklops   13. Here We Come To Your City
5. Psyklopsbrownie Hawkeye   14. My Demolition
6. Brownie Hawkeyewalkie-Talkie   15. Electricity
7. Walkie-Talkiemother Machine   16. Fearless
8. Mother Machinemy Wanderin Mt.   17. Iced The Swelling
9. My Wanderin Mt.Future News From The Front Line   18. Divebomb