Voetsek / A Match Made In Hell
Album: A Match Made In Hell   Collection:General
Artist:Voetsek   Added:Sep 2006
Label:Six Weeks  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2007-02-19
VOETSEK – “A Match Made In Hell” CD (Six Weeks)
Local hardcore thrash band with brutal female vocals. They like playing fast! Fast!! They give equal time to old speedy hardcore and metal. The tracks are often short. Some call it Bay Area party thrash but the bands lyrics deal with many political, social and LGBT issues. The songs are often short and there are 42 so I’m just going to review my favorite tracks. The band is made up of long time bay area punks, Athena from DREAD, Jeff from S.T.F.U, Scotty from DEADFALL and Ami from DAIRY QUEENS.
**2. Slow and pissed.
3. Fastcore.
**4. Galloping hardcore with a great breakdown and political comments.
6. Speedy and heavy.
**7. Slow with understandable vocals questioning democracy. All hell breaks loose with a funny speedy ending.
**8. Metal with a funny stadium rock ending, guitar solo and thrash riffs.
9. Speed metal.
15. Male and female vocals. Slow and metalish with a speedy ending.
16-17 FCCs which is too bad because 17 rocks.
18-21 short, fast and fun.
**22. Ripping fast.
**23. The flag is not a blindfold. Understandable vocals and punk sounding.
**24. Super fast vocals.
**26. Great, short theme song for great zine, “Short, Fast and Loud”.
27. FCC.
28. A bit of an 80s metal sound.
**29. Fast! FCC.
**31. Slow, punk hardcore NEGATIVE FX cover. Male and female vocals.
**32. Raw, live sounding SUICIDAL TENDENCIES cover.
**33. MINOR THREAT cover but changing the lyrics to “(I’m not) Straight Edge”
34. Speedy and raw.
**36. Sample to begin, into metal guitar solo type intro, into ripping fastcore.
37. Fast and catchy.
**38. Fastcore anthem that rules! FCC. Ends with a sample “mother fucking Nazi bitch”.
**39-40. Fast slow fast.
**41. Metal, fast and short.
Great stuff! -mph

Track Listing
1. Kick It   22. Che Sells
2. Consumers Greed   23. Blind Fold
3. Eyes Of Hate   24. Gay Shame
4. White Ain't Right   25. Forked Tongue
5. Sxe Friends   26. Short Fast And Loud
6. Pedadogy Of The Oppressed   27. Go Away
7. Democracy?   28. Out Of The Loop
8. Injustice Rock City   29. Fuck R Unity
9. Family Ties   30. Shithouse Poet
10. Stinkerbell   31. Mind Control (Negative Fx)
11. Fighting Somebocy Ellse's War For Shit's And Giggles   32. I Want More (Suicidal Tendencies)
12. His 3%   33. (I'm Not) Straight Edge (Minor Threat)
13. Thrash For Life   34. They
14. Burn   35. Bandana Sass
15. Keepsakes And Piss   36. Thee Butcher 2/Tormentor
16. Emo Kid   37. Three Butcher
17. Hardcore Sweatshop   38. Nazi Fuck Off
18. House Shows Rule   39. Coming Down
19. I Love Water   40. Welcome To The U.S. Of A.
20. Favor   41. Thrash You
21. Favor Pt 2   42. East Bay/West Bay?