White Flight / White Flight
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Artist:White Flight   Added:Sep 2006
Label:Range Life Records  

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Album Review
Scott Coomes
Reviewed 2007-04-01
White Flight: S/T
Fun pop w/electronic experimentalism and some rock (insert says “post-pop”, wtv that means). Project of Justin Roelofs of the Anniversary. Gratuitous Isaac Brock-ish wavery vocals, with just enough of a touch of sadness to make them funky. Beckesque mix of faux-funk, w/snazzy hip-hop ish percussion. Lots of electronic samples and beats and vocal warbling going on at once. Quality pop at times..kinda sugary w/contrived swagger, but still fun. Starts upbeat on a sugar high, then takes a nap in later tracks as the high-fructose corn syrup wears off, before waking up at very end. Play #2, 1, 12. Fcc clean.
1) 2:19 -sounds like ‘Jerk It Out’ by the Caesars (remember those iPod commercials?), but if Isaac Brock showed up, and w/ harmonica. Guilty pleasure. Kicks in 1:15.
2) 3:42 – almost seamless transition from last song. Driving beat, hand claps, quick strumming, cool vocals.
3) 3:06 –bluesy. Strumming, tambourine taps. Kicks in around 2:16; over by 0:50.
4) 3:09 –starts w/juvenile organ melody. Fun eltro-pop. Ends distorted.
5) 1:08- background sample of grainy kung-fu movie soundtrack, with minimal singing on top. Bleeds into next track
6) 3:33 – (relatively) darker. Cool drumming and samples.
7) 2:47 –pensive bluesy strumming. Kicks up with synth trumpets and backbeat.
8) 4:02 – starts w/ quiet percussion. Muted, vox outburst, annoying, directionless swellings/needless tempo changes. Some organ + prepared vox. Loungey. Weak-sauce. I can fathom neither what this song is trying to be, nor where it is pretending to go.
9) 2:43 – bleeds from previous track. Hip-hop percussion + piano. a little funk.
10) 2:34 – starts with lo-fi mandolin(?) strumming, before break-beat shows up. Some scratching + noise (beastie-boys?).
11) 4:53 – intense strumming + cricket noises. distorted demonic vox. Gets steadier at 1:52, becoming jazzy. Random noises…organs, trumpets. Normal vox near end.
12) 2:19 –pensive strumming, compressed reverby vox. Bleeds into next track…play this going into #13.
13) 3:58 - starts suddenly from previous track. Upbeat, cool percussion; foreign language radio samples. Vox enters @ 1:12. Dark attitude, off-harmony. Cool guitar 1:15 from end.

Track Listing
1. Now   7. Obsidian
2. Pastora Divine   8. Ozicaro
3. Solarsphere   9. Deathhands
4. The Condition   10. Great Gold
5. Galactic Seed   11. The Secret Sound
6. Timeshaker   12. Song For Augustine Pt.2
  13. Superconductor