Jd Walker / Them Get You... Them Got You
Album: Them Get You... Them Got You   Collection:Hip-hop
Artist:Jd Walker   Added:Sep 2006

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Album Review
Reviewed 2007-02-17
JD Walker - Then Get You...(Hip Hop)
Reviewed by Kazuko Golden, 02/17/2007
JDWalker, Portland, Maine, produced collections on this album with Anticon. With his very deep bass voice he sings and raps spiritual and poetic melodies and songs about the grunge scene and his experiences as a fisherman. Fast rapping, tempo like those of Bizzy Bones, Emeniem, or Twista. Heavy bass, fast, angry, aggressive outlet grunge/rapping. **6, 12, 14 - NOT FCC

1. NAILED Intro 54:26 Sec.**Folk-like a capella singing, deep bass voice uses Amazing Grace tune to sing "Clock keeps stealing me away.." Not enough time in the day for the things that need to be done. Flows well into the next song..
2. NAILS OVER MUNJOY 4:16:14 **Begins with high chimes and then drums and then Breaks up in middle of song with heavy drum sounds, chasing dreams theme
3. THEM GET YOU...THEM GOT YOU.PART 1 FEAT. K-THE-I 5:05:15 **Starts with drums by nomar then goes into guitar with Middle Eastern tunes. Raps about memories/unrequited love/life on the sea as a fisherman. Throughout breaks into rap melodic vocals.
4. OMEN 2:10:48 **Starts with heavy scratches, heavy bass, melodic rap "the air is weed.." ends with heavy scratches
5. MOMENT OVER ARIZONA 1:16:58 **Poetic sermon. Clouded vision, removing self conceitedness, spacey sermon, "sleep is the whore of life" FCC ok
6. SINCE SATURDAY FEAT. BLUEBIRD 4:50:22**Computer synthetic tunes & heavy bass, combination of singing and fast tempo rapping NOT FCC, uses ASS, BITCH, etc."it takes a man to hold a gun in the mirror, it takes a woman...", violent, testosterone
7. THE TWO SIX 4:00:24** Starts with combo hi-hat quick tempo, electronic synthesizer?, bass drum beat, "She sang to me a lullaby, the candle of it burned only some of the time..."
8. THE TWO SIX 3:07:51 **Acoustic spanish flamenco guitar cut throughout, picks up high energy, chaotic tempo, shortly slows, ends comedically with a, "Bye-Bye..."
9. RED SKY IN THE MORNING 4:14:59 Weed-mellow guitar rhythm & vocals
10. PATIENTS PEOPLE FEAT. SOLE AND SANTIAGO 5:11:09**Jumps into aggressive, "Let me be the thorn..the invasion already started...", modern depression society, breaks with rockabilly guitar and female vocal line
11. JAZZY FRESH FUCKER 1:50:32 Jazzy intro, talks shit about yuppie life with wife and pawning all his jazz instruments.
12. SHRIMP & MERMAID 3:48:41 NOT FCC, Slow vocals, cut in background - in the front, talks about life as he sees it in the sea and getting away from depressing times
13. MAN & WOMAN SHOW 2:43:04 Most trip-hoppy track on album, combined with very grungey lyrics, breaks into rock-and-roll guitar solo, end with solo vocal
14. THEM GET YOU...THEM GOT YOU. PART 2 FEAT. K-THE-I 3:26:10 Ladytron background electric guitar, spacey, angry fast beat rapping, NOT FCC, uses fucking
15. KNOW NO COMPANY "We've concluded I'm obsessive & shallow...misery knows no company like its own...", folksy vocals over a repetitive guitar chord

Track Listing
1. Mailed   8. The Two Six
2. Nails Over Manjoy (Feat. Alias)   9. Red Sky In The Morning
3. Them Get You... Them Got You Part One (Feat. K-The-I)   10. Patients People (Feat. Sole & Sontiago)
4. Omen   11. Jazzy Fresh Fucker
5. Moment Over Arizona   12. Shrimp And Mermaids
6. Since Saturday (Feat. Bleubird)   13. Man And Woman Show
7. Maine Wharf   14. Them Get You... Them Got You Par Two (Feat. K-The-I)
  15. Know No Company