Mortiis / Stargate, The
Album: Stargate, The   Collection:General
Artist:Mortiis   Added:Oct 2006

Recent Airplay
1. Oct 21, 2006: Bloodstains Across Atherton
Child Of Curiosity An The Old Man Of Knowledge

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-01-15
1999-era album by the Norwegian dark ambient/gothic elf. This album has a real medieval/D&D sound. Lots of repetition patterns, often giving you the feeling of some knights on a really loooong crusade. Some cool ethereal vocals by Mortiis and Sarah Jezebel Diva (Cradle Of Filth, Therion, Kovenant). Bombastic often a bit silly but thoroughly entertaining stuff.

((((1)))) Repetitve, catchy ethereal goth/middle ages synth-heavy.
((((2)))) Kinda Dead Can Dance-like mixed with a no lyrics just lots of “ahhhhhhs”.
((3)) Acoustic guitar playing the same chords, wailing/moaning and rather pointless.
((((4)))) Silly but amusing, slight bombastic, and jingling bells like a dark ambient Xmas?
((((5))) Synth-heavy then goth-y folk, kinda like a unused soundtrack to “Lord Of The Rings” or something. Cheesy but passable.
(((6))) Duet with Mortiis & Deva and some simple but good “dark dungeon” sounds.
(((7)))) Percussive, more duets, like Controlled Bleeding by way of Magic: the Gathering dorks. Nice slowed down “voice of authority” effect.
((8)) Too much “ooh, aahhh” synth cheese. Unnecessary track.

Track Listing
1. Child Of Curiosity An The Old Man Of Knowledge   5. (Passing By) An Old And Razed Village
2. I Am The World   6. Towards The Gate Of Stars
3. World Of Essence   7. Spirit Of Conquest/The Warfare
4. Across The World Of Wonders   8. Army Of Conquest/The Warfare (Ever Onwards)