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Album: Yaminabe Holocaust   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Oct 2006

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Lupine Porn
4. Dec 29, 2006: Cognitive Overload
Short Attention Span
2. Jan 11, 2007: Soft Rocket
D-Thred Suicide, Dead In A Ditch
5. Dec 25, 2006: Headcleaner
Dead In A Ditch, D-Thred Suicide
3. Dec 31, 2006: Headcleaner
Dead In A Ditch
6. Dec 14, 2006: Carrots & Sticks... But Mostly Sticks
Grub Girl, Lupine Porn

Album Reviews
The Pittsburgh Pirates
Reviewed 2006-12-12
Ragnar is correct in giving 7. the most parenthesis (5 i believe). It is grind/art-noise. Huge mammoth bursts of noise like godzillas breath interrupt strange arty noodling, Zornish? and bleeds naturally into then next track. Try it out!
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2006-11-21

3 way split of grind, noise and doom/sludge. 2 Japanese bands Sete Star Sept and Dot[.] and 1 American band Watch Me Burn. Sete Star Sept is not far off from the "confrontational noise meets grind" approach of Burmese but more on the grind side. Watch Me Burn mix up sludge and grind with odd time changes. Dot [.] is oozing, guttural sludge/doom.

((((1)))) Thick layers of noise and dense lo-fi grind.
(((2))) Way too buried, guttural and noisey but still somewhat interesting.
(((3))) Gallopping death metal riff with more "space beast from hell" vocals poorly mixed among sheets of guitars, static and feedback.
(4) Ugh! Noisecore/sludge spaz out. Lame-ass A.C. wannabe crud that should’ve died over 10 years ago.
(((5))) Extemely varied (like it’s almost sample art?) and chopped up bits of parts pasted onto one song. Weird but mildly interesting.
((((6)))) Heavy, pummeling riffs eventually going into some possessed female vox and more odd-metered changes.
(((((7))))) Wicked-ass mix of death/black metal and some off-kilter rock moments. Very fast and intense.
(((8))) Loops of random grind blasts and bits of noises.
((((9)))) “Typical” but good raw n’ ugly sludge/doom see: Grief, EHG, Bongzilla.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Sete Star Sept D-Thred Suicide
2. Sete Star Sept Deadly Smile
3. Sete Star Sept Hellmozilla
4. Sete Star Sept High And Mighty
5. Watch Me Burn Short Attention Span
6. Watch Me Burn Dead In A Ditch
7. Watch Me Burn Lupine Porn
8. Watch Me Burn Grub Girl
9. Dot[.] Brind Spot