Benni Hemm Hemm / Benni Hemm Hemm
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Artist:Benni Hemm Hemm   Added:Oct 2006
Label:Morr Music  

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Album Review
Kremit The Horn
Reviewed 2007-01-09
Indie rock from Iceland. Chorus la, la, la's, acoustic guitar with the rock band...the normal song and dance. What makes this different is: some of the lyrics are in Icelandic & on most songs there are full chorale horns with a touch of 70s. Sometimes the music is laughably bad to the point of listenability. From Bjork to this?!?!

*1-(2:24) Instr. lalala's, triumphant chorale.
*2-(2:58) Fast. Glockenspiel. Horns acc. melody, accented by cymbal crashes.
3-(4:00) Mid/slow. Wide harmonies, with 2 people on each part. acoustic guitar. triumphant horn chorale. Beat enters -2:20. Stays fairly subdued tho.
4-(3:27) Slow. mostly quiet, but loud horn climax in middle. Slide guitar. Pink Floydish.
5-(2:18) "I can love you in a wheelchair baby" It isn't clear if he is in earnest, or mocking. If he's earnest, it isn't clear in what way. Draw your own conclusions. The music is....bland.
6-(2:50) Laughably bad.
8-(2:56) Starts bare horns. Fast rock at -2:22. Completely out of place rock guitar.
*9-(3:51) Bare stately mournful horns. -2:35 rock starts. almost sounds like something off of "Rockin to the Classics" where they'd put rock behind classical music.
10-(2:27) Picked steel string. Then standard sound. La la la's. Instr.
11-(2:55) Drum solo. Horns enter. Midway, music drops, bare vox. Drum & horn theme re-enters.
*12-(2:23) Starts acoustic guitar strum and glockenspiel. Reprise of first song. beat enters and joyous chorus follows.

Track Listing
1. Beginningend   7. Labbi
2. Beygja Og Beygji   8. Sumarnott
3. The Doomed The Damned   9. Til Eru Frae
4. Fight   10. Gitstemm
5. I Can Love You In A Wheelchair Baby   11. Sweaty In The Sunshine
6. Ki-Ui-Po   12. Beginningend