Various Artists / From The Closet To The Charts: Queer Noises 1961-1978
Album: From The Closet To The Charts: Queer Noises 1961-1978   Collection:General
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Album Review
Sadie O.
Reviewed 2006-10-26
[coll]: Queer Noises 1961-1978: From the Closet to the Charts
Reviewed by Sadie O., 10/26/06
Just what the title says, Sugar-Buns! Collection of gay-themed numbers from SF, LA, NY and London, compiled by Germans because we frankly can’t handle it anymore… Some of the early cuts are a bit embarrassing in their bitchiness and in-your-face humor, and some of the 70’s ones are more than a bit over the top, and a few are pretty astonishing. Can you handle it?
FCC on track 23. I like 13 and 19 best, but I’m wacky.
1. **ragtime piano intro, little welcome song, bitchy little rant about leather girls on Vespas – recorded live in North Beach in 1960
2. spoken word about cruising, a little personal and creepy
3. **spoken word comedy routine – utterly camp, then little song in falsetto, silly, but actually quite fun
4. **absolutely nutted comedy number about a sexual predator. Man, entertainment was different back then!
5. ***groovy 60’s motorcycle wah wah number about being a butch rather than a queen
6. ***great classic Kinks hit from their heyday. I never would have associated it with queer, but you learn something every day.
7. **lounge organ from hell. Hey, that’s “yippee ki yo ki yay”… First half is cheesy instrumental, second is alarming bitchy British queens talking about prospects for pickups. Funny, but… yikes!
8. ***cool midtempo stroll and queens singing about KY jelly. Oooooh er!
9. **holy shit! A fairy and a butch doing a cover of Nancy’s song – it’s just SOOOO wrong!
10. **pretty much the ultimate gay show tune. Totally “straight”, but… well, you know… Actually, it’s… (sniffle) beautiful!
11. *big, echo-laden Glam anthem
12. **70’s ballad celebrating queeritude (finally, someone’s being nice!)
13. ****glam-soul bopper, female vocalist. Big sound, fun song.
14. *sad piano-based lament, kinda creepy
15. **big Glam anthem with touches of heavy metal. It really wants to be serious, but it’s so bombastic… The singer sounds eerily like Axl Rose, which certainly contributes to the general oddity.
16. ***ooompah honkytonk beat, great lyrics
17. **C&W loves song of sorts. Definitely a bit disturbing, but touching in its own special way.
18. ***upbeat soul number about gay pride.
19. ****completely startling Latin/Motown funk number about homosexuality in LA. I’m boggled by this, I really am.
20. ***Ramones classic –another cut I never associated with queerdom, but it is about dangerous pickups.
21. ***completely tone-deaf “psych-punk” Lou-Reedy bopper. Very oddly compelling.
22. ***punky heavy guitar rocker about being an aging queen – more than a bit New York Dollsish.
23. FCC at :40 “Fucking pigs” – atonal punk about the violent side of the LA gay scene.
24. ***very 70’s disco, huge gay hit

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Jose At The Black Cat
2. Rod Mckuen Eros
3. Mr. Jean Fredericks Nobody Loves A Fair When She's Forty
4. Bryd E. Bath & Rodney Dangerfield Florence Of Arabia
5. B. Bubba I'd Rather Fight Than Swish
6. Kinks, The See My Friend
7. Tornados, The Do You Come Here Often?
8. Brothers Butch, The Kay Why?
9. Teddy & Darrel These Boots
10. Zebedy The Man I Love
11. Curt Boettcher Astral Cowboy
12. Harrison Kennedy Closet Queen
13. Polly Perkins Coochy Coo
14. Michael Cohen Bitterfeast
15. Jubriath I'm A Man
16. Chris Robinson Lookin' For A Boy
17. Peter Grudzien White Trash Hillbilly Trick
18. Valentino I Was Born This Way
19. Miracles, The Ain't Nobody Straight In L.A.
20. Ramones, The 53rd And 3rd
21. Twinkeyz, The Aliens In Our Midst
22. Dead Fingers Talk Nobody Loves You When You're Old And Gay
23. Black Randy & The Metro Squad Trouble At The Cup
24. Sylvester You Make Me Feel