This Heat / Out Of Cold Storage (Box Set)
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Album Review
The Bawd Of Euphony
Reviewed 2006-11-08
At last the Holy Grail has been found! The complete works of one of the most innovative and influential bands of our puny human existence. This is one of those bands that completely changed people’s lives, me being one of them. This was the band I had always hoped existed. This Heat; Charles Hayward, Charles Bullen, and the late Gareth Williams made music that felt like a stick of dynamite burning on a short wick. Their songs were dynamic explorations built on hours of improvisation created in a meat locker turned rehearsal space from 1976-1981. A unique sound that combined angular guitar riffs, droney synths, fiery prog/jazz drumming and tape manipulation with political leaning lyrics and oodles of texture. Tense, unsettling and euphoric all in one. If the Cold War era could be compressed into feeling and sound, This Heat’s short catalogue of music would be it!

CD 1 - THIS HEAT (Blue & Yellow)
This is the much-heralded first release by This Heat. Originally released on cassette and long out of print on LP and CD, this release has been coveted by collectors for years, now finally available again in re-mastered CD form. Raw and jolting!

This was This Heat’s second and final full length release. Considered their swan song it features a clearer recording quality and a more diverse sound. Stronger songs structures and even more political in content. Just a classic all the way around.

This EP (original a 12” single) was the last piece This Heat recorded as a band. The most “Rock” song they ever played, it starts cheery “here’s a song about the sunshine” then explodes into 5 minutes of pure pulsey goodness. B-side was a experimentation also found on the Repeat release. One of their best!

This was the first This Heat record I heard and is still my favorite, It captures both the live and studio essence of This Heat in one fell swoop. Recorded in 2 sessions in 1976 it covers songs from both full length releases and some unreleased material. Brilliant!

Repeat consists of 3 lengthy instrumental pieces, both drawing on their fascination with the possibilities of using tapes and tape loops as part of the process of composing and performing. All extended experiments. All weird and cool!

CD 6 – LIVE 80/81
Live 1980/81 consists of previously unreleased live recordings. The sound quality isn't great, but the intensity and creativeness of This Heat on stage life shines through. A nice bonus disc for die hard fans.

Track Listing
1. Testcard (This Heat)   24. Graphic/Varispeed (45 Rpm) (Health And Efficiency )
2. Horizontal Hold (This Heat)   25. Horizontal Hold (Made Available: John Peel Sessions)
3. Not Waiving (This Heat)   26. Not Waiving (Made Available: John Peel Sessions)
4. Water (This Heat)   27. The Fall Of Saigon (Made Available: John Peel Sessions)
5. Twilight Furniture (This Heat)   28. Rimp Romp Ramp (Made Available: John Peel Sessions)
6. 24 Track Loop (This Heat)   29. Makeshift (Made Available: John Peel Sessions)
7. Diet Of Worms (This Heat)   30. Sitting (Made Available: John Peel Sessions)
8. Music Like Escaping Gas (This Heat)   31. Basement Boy (Made Available: John Peel Sessions)
9. Rainforest (This Heat)   32. Slither (Made Available: John Peel Sessions)
10. The Fall Of Saigon (This Heat)   33. Repeat (Repeat)
11. Testcard (This Heat)   34. Metal (Repeat)
12. Sleep (Deceit)   35. Graphic/Varispeed (33rpm) (Repeat)
13. Paper Hats (Deceit)   36. Horizontal Hold (Live 80/81)
14. Triumph (Deceit)   37. Paper Hats (Live 80/81)
15. S.P.Q.R (Deceit)   38. S.P.Q.R (Live 80/81)
16. Cenotaph (Deceit)   39. Triumph (Live 80/81)
17. Shrink Wrap (Deceit)   40. Aerial Photography (Live 80/81)
18. Radio Prague (Deceit)   41. The Rough With The Smooth (Live 80/81)
19. Makeshift Swahili (Deceit)   42. Makeshift Swahili (Live 80/81)
20. Independence (Deceit)   43. Music Like Escaping Gas (Live 80/81)
21. A New Kind Of Water (Deceit)   44. A New Kind Of Water (Live 80/81)
22. Suffer, Bomb, Disease (Deceit)   45. Twilight Furniture (Live 80/81)
23. Health And Efficiency (Health And Efficiency )   46. Health And Efficiency (Live 80/81)