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Artist:Kk Rampage   Added:Dec 2006

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Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2006-12-19
Fine noise and noise rock with a sick bent twist, for fans of Mouthus, Caroliner Rainbow. Or like Hella, Pink and Brown if they took more acid than they already have. Don’t miss the great noise tracks, guaranteed to help you see god or help you peel the wallpaper in the baby’s room you wanted to paint. Scare the neighbors with this stuff. Great!!

1) starts with tone but quickly gets into some big dischordant noise rock bashing, epic sludgey
2) more upbeat but sick, offkey and twisted desperate
3) bash noise rock, almost accessible, like Hella or something but it gets shitcanned pretty quick
4) bent guitar with high pitched annoying vocals
5) full on bash out, strange vocs, nice tape manipulation later, slowed, totally drugged
6) awesome, beautiful all knobs on 10 hypnotic noise
7) intense, vocals aren’t as comical and the tone is mean and evil, noisey and painful
8) dronier, heavy feedback, who needs Vicoden when you have this?
9) screaming spoken word
10) noise guitar, feedback symposium, wacky

Track Listing
1. Ice Pick And Candles, Set The Mood   6. Glitterblood
2. She's On Fire. And It's H.O.T.   7. Diamond Skullplate
3. Turn Down The Light. The Gang's All Here.   8. By Sword Or By Stinger
4. If Your Eye Sockets Were Any Bigger It Wouldnt Even Feel Good When I Fucked Them   9. Beastial
5. Our Neighbors Stopped Laughing 18 Months Ago   10. Wrecked Corpse