Re-Ject-Ed De-Fect-Ors / Winter Project
Album: Winter Project   Collection:General
Artist:Re-Ject-Ed De-Fect-Ors   Added:Jan 2007
Label:Hidden Birdhouse  

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Recent Airplay
1. Apr 06, 2007: The Adventurer's Choice
...A Texas 5th
4. Feb 17, 2007: press and release
2. Mar 21, 2007: Brownian Motion
Monkey Pile
5. Feb 13, 2007: Brownian Motion
3. Mar 10, 2007: Cincinnati Kid
6. Feb 08, 2007: Fiction Romance
...A Texas 5th

Album Review
Your Imaginary Friend
Reviewed 2007-01-30
Noisey electro rock, low fi (4-track?) that smacks of early 80’s art rock a la Warhead, Human Hands, Culturcide. Simple analog electro, drums, guitar, distorto male/female vocs, project associated with Neglected Receptors. Fans of Wolf Eyes, early Butthole Surfers, early Residents, Throbbing Gristle take note.

1) FCCS appear late (mid paced low-fi noisey electro, distorto vocals, feels like early 80’s art punk)
2) rhythmic electro noise, bent
3) brief, noisey female spoken over noise electro
4) treated simple electro with “I’m a catch 22” repeated
5) acoustic guitar, male vocs, strange
6) FCC- lewd
7) slow creepy bass synth, bowed cymbal/saw, sick spooky male vocs
8) melodic vocals, songlike, great low-fi treatment keeps it strange and good
9) stereotypical trite feminist shouted vocs over swirling casio beats and treated synths/guitars
10) looped treated sounds of phone answering machine time-set with electro beats, distorto- with 2 min left it turns to male vocs, lyrics about being a used machine, good stuff
11) slow dark, fuzz bass drone with plodding sparse electro beat
12) 9 minutes of silence, dead air, don’t play
13) instrumental: simple slow plod electro beat, dark with sad violin and 80’s styled bass and guitar (think Siouxsie, old Cure)
14) harsh high pitched noise over interesting subtle noise, turns into a cacophony of hand-held tapes and distortion
15) slow beat, heartbeat like, very old school noise feel, analog synth, Throbbing Gristle
16) urgent but simple electro beat, silly almost

Track Listing
1. Spots   9. battered but loyal
2. Climate Summary   10. Button/Machine
3. Fried   11. The Cardinal!
4. Catch-22   12.
5. Self Adhesive Tusk   13. Monsoon
6. Tooth Smile   14. The Brain Is To Logn
7. Bay Of Pigs   15. Monkey Pile
8. ...A Texas 5th   16. Preferential Treatment