Obsessors, The / Double Scoop
Album: Double Scoop   Collection:General
Artist:Obsessors, The   Added:Feb 2007
Label:Braindart Records  

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President's Pride
4. May 04, 2007: Something about music
War & Football
2. May 19, 2007: Bloodstains Across Atherton - Still Pained
President's Pride, Get On, Get In, Get Out
5. Apr 30, 2007: Something about music
Toxic Usa
3. May 12, 2007: Bloodstains Across Atherton - Watch for Snakes!
Best Daughter
6. Apr 21, 2007: Bloodstains Across Atherton
Get On, Get In, Get Out

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-04-07
Local (San Jose), melodic punk some new wave-y keyboards. Great songwriting throughout and tons of amazing female & male vocal harmonies. Lyrics cover everything from SUVs, toxic waste, religion to personal issues. Think: X, Lost Sounds, Manda & The Marbles, Red #9. Hugely recommended.

((((1)))) Mid-paced punk, fantastic vocals. A good stab at the drivers of Shitty Ugly Vehicles. Keyboard are a little tinny but that’s a minor issue.
(((((2))))) Fast-ish tight, energetic punk awesomeness.
(((((3))))) As if X released a single with keyboards. Very addictive and utterly fantastic!
(((((4)))) Great riffs mixed really well with the keyboards. Ridiculously catchy.
((((5)))) Spikey, robotic dealing with our “brave new world”, repetitive & basic but totally fun.
(((((6))))) Fast, melodic punk, a lot like the old S.J. band Red #9. Great stuff.
(((((7))))) Even faster & totally direct, punk as fuck.
((((8)))) (FCC “Shit” sung three times) Anti-war number with a tough riff & stellar vocals.
((((9)))) Wailing punk n’ roll with Amie & co.’s infectous vocals.
((((10)))) Speedy anti-war/anti-jock sentiment. A little too much chorus but otherwise killer. “Slap a ribbon magnet/round the old oak tree/maybe he’ll be home soon/let’s not wait to see”
(((((11))))) Great straight ahead poppy keyboard/vocal laden break up song.
((((12)))) Bouncy, melodic with more nice vocals and chord changes. “The truest words are left unspoken”.
(((((13))))) Rippin’ Ramones-y riff with fast & fun new wave/punky number about zombies.
(((((((14))))))) Incredible roarin’ punk rawk. Like a varation on Turbonegro’s “Salior Man” except it’s about a pirate girl & her man (and not svelte Norwegian Navy guys)
((((15)))) Nice pop-punk flow. Even after multiple listens you keep thinking she’s gonna say “You’re my imaginary friend”. “Top Brownian” either way.
(((((16)))))) Intense, pointed & funny attack on religion.
(((17))) Pretty silly but fun take on the school kids cheer by way of o “Gabba Gabba Hey”.

Track Listing
1. Hooligan   9. She's A Klepto
2. I (Heart) My Stalker   10. War & Football
3. Grimm Intentions   11. None For You
4. Toxic Usa   12. Elliott
5. Future People   13. Zombie Fatality
6. Best Daughter   14. Lula
7. Get On, Get In, Get Out   15. Invisible Friend
8. President's Pride   16. Turn The Card