Phazm / Antebellum Death 'n Roll
Album: Antebellum Death 'n Roll   Collection:General
Artist:Phazm   Added:Mar 2007
Label:Osmose Productions  

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Black 'n' Roll
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How To Become A God 2 Hunger
2. Jun 09, 2007: Bloodstains Across Atherton
4. Jun 06, 2007: Bloodstains Across A Solitudinal Bapitism In Atherton

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-05-30
Death (metal) and (rock'n') roll fer sure. This French band of mixes up Voi Vod, later-era Entombed, Sigh, and a few unexpected elements (like banjo & blues harmonica!?!) It all makes for some interesting results.

(((1))) Slowish heavy rock/metal with occasionally death metal riffage.
((((2)))) Midpaced that quickly builds to some killer uh…”sci-fi thrash metal”? Nice soloing, blast beats & crazy slide guitars.
(((3))))) Straight-ahead “chuggy” riff based & lots of wah-wah solos ‘ala some band called Metallica. (FCC “fucking” sung once)
(((4))) Flat “blues” harmonica intro, slow, winding & dull but manages to throw in some nice riffs here & there.
((5)) Sounds like a “brutal version” of White Zombie not a wise move.
((6))) Slow, intro w/vague “throat sung” vocals. More pointless “dicking around”
((((7))) Riffy, slow & descending into the abyss. Sorta like Sigh crossed with a slow Venom song.
(((((8)))))) Zig-zaggy, speedy & aggressive, old Swedish D.M. sound brought into the future. Kick ass solois, headbangin’ riffs abound.
((((9)))) Banjo? Harmonica? Country folk blues jam. Nice but totally odd & outta place.
(((10))) Jagged, mid-paced and sort of compelling in its all-out heaviness & repetition.
(((11))) Acoustic interlude with harmonica.
((((12)))) Very HEAVY DOOOOOM! Sluggish and resonating but the 2:20 of mellow noodling could’ve been cut.

Track Listing
1. How To Become A God 2 Hunger   6. Decay
2. Black 'n' Roll   7. The Bright Side Of Death
3. So White, So Blue, So Cold   8. Sabbath
4. My Darkest Desire   9. Mr. Toodling
5. Damballah   10. Lorelindorenan
  11. Burarum