Sleepytime Gorilla Museum / In Glorious Times
Album: In Glorious Times   Collection:General
Artist:Sleepytime Gorilla Museum   Added:Jun 2007
Label:The End Records  

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Album Review
Reviewed 2007-09-17
SLEEPYTIME GORILLA MUSEUM - "In Glorious Times" CD (The End)
Local theatrical prog rock. This release doesn't contain as many metal sounds as previous releases and there are more male/female multiple vocal parts. This record is creepy, dramatic and unique. I can't think of anything to compare it to. Maybe FRANK ZAPPA or ART BEARS or SKELETON KEY or MR BUNGLE. The band consists of Nils (FAXED HEAD, FAUN FABLES), Carla (CHARMING HOSTESS, TIN HAT TRIO, TWO FOOT YARD), MATTHIAS (SKELETON KEY), and a handful of others.
1. Long opening track (10 minutes) that sets the tone for the entire record and contains all of their diversity. The track quietly fades in and after 40 seconds or so, Nils starts signing with minimal music behind him. After about 6 minutes the track starts to rock. The last two minutes are quiet.
**2. Slower, dramatic with male/female vocals at the beginning but it doesn't take more than a minute before they are rocking hard and Nils starts growling. There is a metal gallop on guitar, a speedy section and really a lot of speed changes.
3. Almost horror movie sound track sounding. Creepy at first, then dramatic group vocals. Lots of what sounds like toy piano, piano and other keys. Is that a Theremin?
**4. Catchy and reminds me of SKELETON KEY but with female vocals. Odd vocal growls at the end.
**5. Guitar and pretty female vocals that aren't far from BJORK. After 3 minutes the track turns prog. Carla's violin is prominent halfway through the track and sounds very Eastern European. Eastern European gypsy music combined with prog rock? Her vocals get more demented as the track goes on.
6. Couldn't even guess at what instruments are making all those sounds. Vocals don't show up till halfway through and they are Nils growling. Heavy dramatic sound at the end.
7. Could be right out of a musical. This is the long post climax track of the story. The first 3 minutes are quiet music and Nils singing, then the track gets aggressive and Nils sounds angry. The end of the track is quiet and the last minute is very quiet.
8. Slow odd pop with group vocals.
9. Strings of different sorts. Distant multiple vocalists. The end of the track sounds like proggy Eastern European folk and the track ends very quiet.
10. Instrumental that goes all over the place. Quiet, heavy, noisy, etc. 11. Starts with bursts of noise and spends the entire track fading out.
Very good stuff -mph

Track Listing
1. The Companions   6. Ossuary
2. Helpless Corpses Enactment   7. The Salt Crown
3. Puppet Show   8. The Only Dance
4. Formicary   9. The Greenless Wreath
5. Angle Of Repose   10. The Widening Eyes
  11. The Putrid Refrain