Mortiis / Some Kind Of Heroin - The Grudge Re-Mixes
Album: Some Kind Of Heroin - The Grudge Re-Mixes   Collection:General
Artist:Mortiis   Added:Jul 2007

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-07-21
Norwegian elf-looking guy’s re-mixed electro-industrial/EBM of his last album. The results are pretty good. Nothing mindblowing but plenty of fun. Think NIN, KMFDM and other early Nettwerk and WaxTrax bands.

(((1))) Uppity, rockin’ and big sounding runs a little too long, though. VERY NiN sounding.
((((2)))) (FCCs “Shit” sung once, “Fucking” sung once) Acoustic strumming, female vox. Blasts of loud guitars and catchy verses & choruses.
(((3)) Layers of distortion, floating beat, obsessive vocals. So-so electronics.
(((4))) Decent, speedy re-take on what was originally a mellow song. Backing sounds like some Eurotrance but is ruined by the annoying “typical rave music” effect.
(((5))) TOO MANY FCCs – AVOID!
Slow churning electronics with bouncy beats, pretty slick but very direct and catchy.
((((6)))) Fast, noisy electronics, distorted, not quite in the mix vocals. Chunky guitars, nice grooves.
((7)) Clunky beat, metal-ish guitars, far too choppy.
((((8)))) Skinny Puppy-like beats & electronics and distant vocals. Rather good.
(((9))) Down tempo, repetitive chorus, big guitar bursts and some alright beats. The riff refs “War Pigs”, too. Hmm…
((10)) Clangy, clunky and very below average.
(11) Cheesy, slick EBM/synth pop with “rave” vibe.
((((13)))) (FCC “Fucking” sung 3 times) Really fast and very METAL riffing. Pretty bad-ass heavy track ‘ala Ministry with a layer of EBM on meth.
(((14))) Loose, odd beat, kinda almost rapping vocals and more heavy guitars. Somehow it works.
((15)) More of the same as #14 with slightly different vox.
((16)) Big church like organ, and Mortiis uh…”MCing?” (WTF?) and getting very histronic. Sparse beat and some gothic parts. Meh.

Track Listing
1. Underdog (Zombie Girl Re-Mix)   9. The Worst In Me (Girls Under Glass Mix)
2. The Grudge (Gothminister Mix)   10. The Grudge (David Wallace Remix)
3. Twist The Knive (The Gibbering Mix By Implant)   11. Broken Skin (Funker Vogt Remix)
4. Broken Skin (Septic Wound Mix By Xp8)   12. The Grudge (Emotional Heresey By Kubrick)
5. The Grudge (Mental Siege Mix)   13. Decadent & Desparate (Dope Stars Remix)
6. Gibber (Pig Remix)   14. Gibber (Gibbering Idiot)
7. Way Too Wicked (The Kovenant Mix)   15. Way Too Wicked (Adsinthium Mix)
8. Gibber (Velvet Acid Christ Mix)   16. The Worst In Me (Extraction Mix By In The Nursery)