Microblind Harvestmen / Songs & Instrumentals From Death Bottom Slide
Album: Songs & Instrumentals From Death Bottom Slide   Collection:General
Artist:Microblind Harvestmen   Added:Aug 2007
Label:Digitalis Industries  

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1. Aug 30, 2007: Emphysema For Emphasis
Hey Mr Railroad Man
4. Aug 16, 2007: Emphysema For Emphasis
Hey Mr Railroad Man
2. Aug 24, 2007: Baptism of Solitude
Petaluma Petal Pushers
5. Aug 11, 2007: Cognitive Overload
3. Aug 17, 2007: Baptism of Solitude
Hey Mr Railroad Man
6. Aug 10, 2007: Baptism of Solitude
Innermost Friend

Album Review
Reviewed 2007-08-06
MICROBLIND HARVESTMEN - "Songs & Instrumentals From Death Bottom Slide" CD (Digitalis Industries)
Roots and old-time based music but a bit out and experimental. Free folk (freak folk?) ragas with a bit of noise thrown in. Just a duo but they play lots of different instruments and I assume multi-track it all. The main instruments are banjo, fiddle and acoustic guitar but there are a ton more they throw in including casio samplers, harmonica, bass, a toy guitar, turntable, a boot (prepared boot!), pennywhisltle, mandolin and more.
**1. Ha, starts out with the sound of a train and train horn and goes into raw old sounding folk. Reminds me a bit of old BECK. Multi-tracked vocals. Ends with fiddle and acoustic guitar.
2. Minimal, quiet banjo instrumental raga.
3. Pennywhistle? instrumental.
4. Quiet, drone, noise. Lots of scraping sounds on string instruments.
5. Sounds like a violin tuning. Simple fiddle and scraping drone. Long and builds. A bass shows up halfway through.
6. Folky sounding. banjo and odd background sounds.
**7. Sampled beats, lots of horns, noisy but not loud. Scraping fiddle. Almost a drunken march, jazzy. Sloppy fun vocals during the 2nd half of the track.
**8. Harmonica, banjo , acoustic guitar and multi-tracked vocals. Reminds me of EUGENE CHADBOURNE.
9. Noisy looped/multi-tracked banjo and fiddle. Sorta singing during the 2nd half. Sounds like they are singing through a kazoo.
10. Odd string instrument sound to go along with fiddle.
**11. Lots of different sounds, toys, taking a lazy stroll.
12. Lazy vocals and simple strum.
13. Drone with some violin scraping. Long and builds.
14. Banjo hoedown. Funny vocals.
Good stuff -mph

Track Listing
1. Hey Mr Railroad Man   8. Innermost Friend
2. Carbon Molecule Struct   9. Reaction To The Past
3. A Little Something   10. Just A Wide Place In The Road
4. Then, For Afters   11. Petaluma Petal Pushers
5. Falling Off Hurdy Gurdy Mountain   12. Same Say Ah
6. Kitty Up The Creek   13. Firing The Bush
7. Hellblazer   14. Death Bottom Slide