Future Rapper / Land Of A Thousand Rappers - Vol. 1: Fall Of The Pillars
Album:Land Of A Thousand Rappers - Vol. 1: Fall Of The Pillars Collection:General
Artist:Future Rapper Added:Aug 2007
Label:Asthmatic Kitty Records 

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Water Displacement
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Belly Of The Bea(St/Ts), High Water Treason, Future Past Perfect, Past Ice And Ice And More

Album Review
Iceman Earl
Reviewed 2007-11-13 
Future Rapper – “Land of a Thousand Rappers”
This is one of the strangest albums ever created. It is a combination of the nerdiest white
rap you’ll ever find with frantic electronic beats. The vocals are unique both in Future Rapper’s
bewildering delivery and absurdly complicated and sometimes poetic lyrics. As far as the music
goes, unless you like listening to futuristic robot noises, you will be less than thrilled. The album
is just too far out there, to the point that it’s so artsy that it’s not enjoyable to listen to. You’d be
better off printing out the lyrics and reading them as insane, futuristic poetry. Best Track: 19
1. “Past Ice and Ice and More” – Powerful synth sounds with female vocals, very
overwhelming, almost alien sounding; short track, more of an introduction
2. “Future Past Perfect” – Reggae sounding background with light beat and back-and-forth
bass; rapper has a ridiculous voice, sounds like Weird Al Yankovic, ends with soft ocean
3. “High Water Treason” – Starts with same ocean sounds, slow, jerky beat with trippy
electronic sounds; absurdly strange off-tempo lyrics, ends with bubbly electronica
4. “Belly of the Bea(St/Ts)” – Slow electronic intro, turns into a fast paced funk beat for
awhile, then with added deep synths; random, alien electronic sounds in the background
throughout, no lyrics in this track
5. “14Karrot Butcher Knife” – Irritating ringing noise in the beginning, all the lyrics are in a
low voice who seems to be describing his robotic parts, odd mechanical background beat
6. “Grizzly and the Tentacle Sucker-Punched” – Frantic lyrics, seemingly tempo-less beat
with low synth sounds
7. “The Late Retirement of Elvis 2” – Finally a steady beat; slow, climbing bass; lyrics have
a whiny aspect to them; absolutely unbearable, ringing electronic noise with about a
minute and a half left
8. “Silk Siren Sports Bar & Grill” – Steady beat with piano background, soft singing;
trumpets kick in as well
9. “Corporate Thuggery” – Scratchy, static-sounding beat with classical violin
instrumentals; intense, enunciated lyrics
10. “Exile of Dr. Kipp Normand” – Starts with classical music samplings, sounds like a
movie soundtrack; slows down into major key higher pitched synth sounds; much more
soothing than the other tracks
11. “Factor IX for the Headwound” – Medium paced beat with major key guitar background,
calm lyrics and occasional break into futuristic sounding chorus
12. *“Water Displacement” – Much louder track with deeper beat, pretty cool Middle-East
sounding strings in the background; chorus turns into futuristic angry music with lyrics
that sound like a South Park voice
13. “Ghostbase and the Threat of Zero Kelvin” – Movie clip beginning, deep voiced poetic
lyrics with typewriter sounding background sounds
14. “Just Intonation” – Asian sounding half-percussive beginning with soft lyrics, then turns
into rock anthem with drone sounds
15. “You, Me and the Battleblade” – Static, futuristic off-tempo beat; random lyrics seems
like a freestyle poet; becomes more of a rap song halfway through, kick beat sounds like
it’s from “Drop it Like it’s Hot”, lyrics become less monotone, added hand-drums
16. “St. Francis Groove” – Very short track, minor accordion melody with Super Mario-ish
sounds, actually kind of cool and wish it lasted longer
17. “The Strata of Broadcast” – More of a traditional rap track with deeper bass and
legitimate snare drum; still this guy’s flow is impossible to get into
18. “Stopwatch Burial” – Again, very short track; random spoken word sounds with
increasing synth sounds towards the end
19. *“Forget the Capes, Teeth are Snapping!” – Assumes a heavy beat half a minute in, odd
see-saw electronica in the background with the typical rapping style
20. “Holy Fool En Garde” – Slow, quiet beginning with robotic voices, turns into beat that
sounds kind of like an assembly line, background deep synths; big spike in sound at 1:25
or so, lots of distorted yelling; ends with light string fadeout
- Iceman Earl
(Mark Friese)

Track Listing
1.Past Ice And Ice And More 11.Factor Ix For The Headwound
2.Future Past Perfect 12.Water Displacement
3.High Water Treason 13.Ghostbase And The Threat Of Zero Kelvin
4.Belly Of The Bea(St/Ts) 14.Just Intonation
5.14karrot Butcher Knife 15.You, Me And The Battleblade
6.Grizzly And The Tentacle Sucker-Punched 16.St. Francis Groove
7.The Late Retirement Of Elvis 2 17.The Strata Of Broadcast
8.Silk Siren Sports Bar & Grill 18.Stopwatch Burial
9.Corporate Thuggery 19.Forget The Capes, Teeth Are Snapping!
10.Exile Of Dr. Kipp Normand 20.Holy Fool En Garde