Hacavitz / Katun
Album: Katun   Collection:General
Artist:Hacavitz   Added:Aug 2007
Label:Moribund Records  

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Serpents Ov Smoke
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Serpents Ov Smoke
5. Aug 29, 2007: (Jerry?) Brown Stains Across Atherton
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Serpents Ov Smoke

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-08-24
Raging black/death metal duo from Mexico. Uncompromising, fast and raw with often murky, growled vocals. The drumming otherwise passable is often thrown off by some shoddy cymbal work. Otherwise an above par undergrond black/death attack in the vile vein of Blasphemy, Black Witchery, early Morbid Angel. 3 tracks sung in Mayan.

((((1)))) Fast, blasting BM, Interesting riffing and drumming in the breakdowns. Creepy outro of what sounds like a satanic sacrifice.
(((2))) Epic with a few pinch harmonics and doomy breakdowns. Far too many cymbal pinging.
((((3)))) Wall of distortion and fast, blackened death thrash (essentially a combo of all 3)
(((4))) Morbid Angel-ish cyclical riffage and a nice doomy breakdown but more cymbal pinging. Bonus points for the “Oüh” and “Bleeegh!”
((((5)))) Thrashy and layered. Pretty ragin’ stuff.
(((((6)))) Blurry and ultra-fast, early 90’s black/death metal with gets riffy & midpaced towards the end.
((((7))) Repetitive like the earlier tracks not much that stands out here but not terrible either.
(((8))) Fast as hell but buried in the sheer amount of “blur-speed” that the keep approaching.
(((9))) Comptent, slash n’ burn, cyclical riffing but more piss-poor cymbal work.
((((10)))) Solid mix of ultra-blasting, growling vox, aggressive riffs and mildly varied drumming.
((((11)))) Dark Angel cover – so expect a more 80’s thrash vibe mixed with an even faster tempo. Even looser than the original.

Track Listing
1. Regnum Satani (In League With Satan We Ride)   6. From Sin To Honour
2. Tinieblas - Tenochtitian   7. Ride Thee Nebulah
3. Motlatito Yn Quetzalcoatl   8. Ya Notsi De Huitzil
4. Summoning Self-Destruction   9. Rex Funebre
5. Omitzhuicazquia Tezcatlipoca   10. Serpents Ov Smoke
  11. Hunger Of The Undead (Dark Angel)