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Gearin Up For Gettin Down
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The Answer Is Never
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Lxbxpx, Oj Skyrkts
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3. May 26, 2010: public noize racket
Oj Skyrkts
6. Oct 17, 2007: Baptism of Solitude
Gearin Up For Gettin Down

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-09-24
SSS = Short Sharp Shock and a shitload of thrash/80’s crossover metal. SSS is part of the UK version of the current thrash revival (see EvilE, Gama Bomb) I’m hearing a lot of S.O.D., a bit of Anthrax, Combat-era Agnostic Front and the Crumbsuckers. Plenty of attitude and plenty of fun. Albeit this would be better as an EP.

((((1)))) Good intro thingy.
((((2)))) Swaggery but heavy & steady (FCC “FUCKING” sung twice) and lots of Anthrax-ish wailing guitars.
(((((3))))) Hammering thrash for a big ass circle pit! Sarcastic lyrics (FCC “Fuck”, “Fucking” sung twice).
(((((4)))) Killer intro riff into a total S.O.D. –like mega thrash/crossover vibe.
(((((5)))) TOO MANY FCCS – AVOID (unless after 10pm, kids!)
(((6))) (FCC “fucking” 2x, “fucker” once)
Random movie sample, more S.O.D. worship with a spotty chorus.
((((7)))) (FCC “fucking” sung once) Mostly above par speed and with wailing guitars and a ton of mosh breakdowns.
(((8))) (FCC “fuck” sung twice) So-so thrash chaos, sounds pretty unfocused.
(((((9)))) If you love gallop riffs then you’ll love this. Great instrumental jam.
(((10))) Pretty silly chorus not unlike some of the M.O.D. stuff. Second half is fast but it’s ruined by the iffy-ness of the first.
(((11))) (FCC “fuck”, “dogshit”, sung once) Pretty good “mosh-core” that disses kung fu idiots in the pit.
(((12))) (FCC “fuck” sung twice) Decent thrash/mid-paced mosh with a bunch of scene references I’m not privy to.
(((13))) Another instrumental with wailin’ 80’s guitars ‘ala Anthrax, cowbell, thick riffs.
((((14))) Rippin’ crossover/thrash. I keep thinking he’s gonna tell me “and you’re on his list!”
((((15)))) Slow intro but steady arm flayin’ circle pit havin’ metal.
(((16))) Heavy but kinda dull. Lifts the riff from “I Live, You Die” from Flotsam & Jetsam.
((17)) (FCC “fucking”) So-so mid-paced thrash with silly lyrics.

Track Listing
1. Quiet Before The Storm   9. Gearin Up For Gettin Down
2. Warhorse   10. The Beast
3. New Dogs   11. Last Man Standing
4. The Answer Is Never   12. Hallowed Grey
5. Damaged Goods   13. Oj Skyrkts
6. Overload   14. Lxbxpx
7. Monster   15. Son Of Best
8. Sss   16. Im Sick
  17. Black Night White Light