Dj Drez & Zaire Black / Panaramic Utopia
Album: Panaramic Utopia   Collection:Hip-hop
Artist:Dj Drez & Zaire Black   Added:Sep 2007
Label:Say It Loud  

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Album Review
Iceman Earl
Reviewed 2007-11-13
DJ Drez & Zaire Black – “Panoramic Utopia”
DJ Drez and Zaire Black make a very solid team in their hip-hop album “Panoramic
Utopia”. Their blend of novel lyricism and wax-spinning makes for an interesting walk down a
new avenue of the genre. That said, the beats and instrumentals generally outshine the lyrics,
with many different cultural sounds blended with traditional heavy beats. It covers a whole lot
of musical ground while delivering mostly solid though occasionally vomit-inducing (see “Damn
Girl”) lyrics. Best tracks: 2, 3, 15 Honorable Mention: 4, 5
1. “A Taste” – Typical introduction; many spliced together songs, some sped up and some
slowed down
2. **“One Two” –Mild FCC warning: some lyrics towards the middle are very sexual in
nature, very minor key, smooth lyrics over heavy beat with sound clips from a horror
movie soundtrack; completely changes into a reggae-sounding tune with same deep beat
3. **“Dying Breed” – Awesome beat borrowed from Dizzee Rascal’s “Fix Up, Look
Sharp”, electronic-reverb type melody, chorus lyrics somewhat weak; interesting motoric
bass in the background at times, ends up with DJ spinning wax
4. *“Free” – Looped vocal melody with medium paced beat, major key; morphs into deep
African-sounding drums, retains vocal melody background
5. *“Days Work” – FCC: clean except for n-word in the middle; begins with soft beat and
minor key strings background, low brass kicks in with lyrics; chorus stands out with
higher brass, smooth lyrics, electronic sounds
6. “Vibe Interlude” – short interlude track with female vocals and bubbly sounds
7. “That Vibe Pt. 1” – Bebop-sounding bass, hand-drum background with a medium
underlying beat, quickly turns into another wax spinning session with low violin
8. “That Vibe Pt. 2” – Major key wind chime, piano beginning with hand drum, bass kicks
in, forceful beat kicks in, medium-fast paced, consistent throughout
9. “Damn Girl” – FCC: short female vocal clip could be deemed inappropriate ; very slow
paced, major key piano background with low bass, very light beat; simplistic group
chorus, unbelievably corny lyrics throughout; string solo develops towards middle
10. “Tomorrow” – Initially choppy beat, major key electronic melody, occasional R+B
sounding male vocals; not much evolution throughout, stays the same
11. “Come Again” ft. Nikko – FCC: vulgarity about 3/5 through; slow paced, electronic
major key melody; reserved beat, solid lyrics, catchy female vocal chorus;
12. “East Interlude” – Very short interlude with female vocals, Indian horn and percussion
13. “Now” – Saxophone beginning, Indian percussion in the background, heavy beat kicks
and blends in well; simple, deep major key bass; assumes a house music edge halfway
through, little triangle-esque sounds with loud synths on each kick beat, then goes back
to original
14. “Earth” – Cool minor key flute beginning, choppy beat with Reggae piano and Rastah
spoken word, pace quickens halfway through and flute hook returns; should’ve stuck
with the flute riff for the whole piece; no real rapping in this track
15. ***“Sah Jahta” – Superb track, begins with beat from “Milkshake”, assumes Middle-
Eastern minor key sounding horns, forceful, catchy beat with excellent snare, very
smooth lyrics; chorus is the horns again, becomes a dance anthem with a minute left
16. “Reclear” ft. Marty Williams – Motoric, minor key bass guitar melody; nice chorus with
staccato strings and hand drums
17. “Words” – Middle-Eastern sounding drone sounds, wax spinning and random vocals;
medium beat and throbbing bass give it life, no real rapping in this one though; more of
an outro
- Iceman Earl
(Mark Friese)

Track Listing
1. A Taste   9. Damn Girl
2. One Two   10. Tomorrow
3. Dying Breed   11. Come Again Featuring Nikko
4. Free   12. East Interlude
5. Days Work   13. Now
6. Vibe Interlude   14. Earth
7. That Vibe Pt. 1   15. Sah Jahta
8. That Vibe Pt. 2   16. Reclear Featuring Marty Williams
  17. Words