Various Artists / Little Darla Vol 25
Album: Little Darla Vol 25   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Sep 2007
Label:Darla Records  

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Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2008-01-02
Mostly good collection of modern indie, electronic and ambient tunes. Not limited to one style or one scene. Lots of suprises and often pleasant treats with a small of amount of crud.

((((1)))) Nice guitars that shimmer and shine, bits of random electronics. Vocals are decent but take awhile to get used to.
(((2)))) Minimal, piano, accordian sounds moving in and out of the mix. Pretty pleasant sound and somber yet sort of experimental.
((((3)))) Snakey, jagged electronic beats & shapes. Not far from Autechre.
((((4)))) Big & bright sounding, uppity indie rock with lots of poppy chorus. Rather good.
((((5))) Loud guitars, with some nice shoegaze-y female vox. Pretty good but a bit cluttered.
(((6))) Decent kinda downtempo electronic with modern beats but the repetitive vocal thing is a tad annoying.
(7) Strummy, indie acoustic lameness from Spain. Like “I’m From Barcelona” en español.
(((8))) Warm, little & airy 70’s folk-pop en español with nice electronics and easy to follow vocals.
(((((9))))) Modern female indie folk/rock with a REALLY nice voice. Close to Julie Dorion, et. al.
(((10))) Twangy guitar indie rock with repeating “da-da” chorus and super twangy vox. Great guitars but **meh* on the vox.
((11)) Corny but slightly amusing, fast electro-rock. This stuff’s big in Europe and it should stay that way.
((((12)))) Total 80’s New Wave beat/electro-throb with sultry female vox with an amusing lesbian angle. Rad.
(((((13))))) Pretty, twangy indie strummin’ from Iceland. Not far from Explosions in the Sky or Mono.
(((14))) Decent uppity, indie twang & strum with buried vocals.
(((((15)))) Wow! Wild, fast, tech-y sort of videogame music filtered through some kind of odd Brazilian rhytmn? Lots of airy and “pop-pop-popa” vox.


(((1))) Pretty good “Jeff Buckley with a little of the Pixies”, strummy rock.
((((2)))) Cluttered but interesting chunks of electronics and beats. Very layered and worth a few spins.
((3)) Cutesy, sad, indie pop. OK for what it is but doesn’t work for very long.
((4)) Minimal, airy, electronic pop. Coulda been better if the singer didn’t sound like Sting.
((((5)))) Pretty snazzy Bossa Nova, “indie-lounge” jam from this awesome Japanese band. Vox are a ‘lil silly, though but it works.
((((6)))) 80’s “space age new wave” with a strong Germanic vibe (could be the Peter Schilling-like vox or the involvement of Urlich Snauss). Nice und chill.
((((7)))) Very pleasant, dare I say cute, viabraphone/xylophone sounds & fluttery beats with ‘lil kids in the background.
(((((8))))) Speaking of cute, this is just friggin’ adorable! Tons of electronics & airy female vox. Like the Hong Kong version of the overlooked and awesome band, Pram.
((9)) Annoying, akward emo-dude vocals with a shitload of electronics he made in shop class. Keep the bad music to your high school lunchtime.
(((10))) Mellow, acoustic guitars, some Latin beats. Airy, “light as pixie dust” vocals.
((((11)))) Big, noisey, spacious electro-dub that makes you feel like you’re moving forward in a new the vastness of the city. Rad.
(((12))) Weird but interesting mix of dark classical strings set to electronics.
(((13))) Very mellow harp & acoustic guitar, super gentle female vocals that aren’t always “on”.
((14)) Funky, sort of post-punk that falls flat & sounds too forced.
(((15))) Silly as hell cover of the 80’s videogame novelty hit. Dork out, vidiots!
((16)) Loud, clangy beats then chopped up & fucked up electro-kinda jungle-raver skitzo. Yuk.
((17)) Loud folk guitar ramblings and repeating vocals. Doesn’t get much better later on, either.
(18) Noise clutter, a harp or other oddly tuned stringed instrument and cruddy male vocals.
((19)) Yer basic coffee house acoustic singers. Not the worst or the best. Just something to fill time.
(((((20))))) Awesome, introspective soundtrack-y, guitar shimmer & strum “post-rock” style.

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Aarktica Arms
2. Atone 72 Mesures Et Plus
3. Az-Rotator Bioconductor
4. California Oranges Travel Writer
5. Keigh Canisius The Sea Me, Feel Me
6. Cdatakill You Are Mine
7. Cooper Candion De Vienres
8. Corazon Le Fiebre De Carlos
9. Linda Draper Shine
10. Follow The Train 219
11. Frank & Walters Hold On
12. Future Condition Switchboard Girl
13. Stafraenn Hakon Sitronudurgur
14. Japancakes Soft N Ez
15. Jupiter Apple The Homeless And The Jet
16. Hell On Wheels Gone Too Far
17. Jatun Ion Crush
18. Land Of Ill Earthquakes Acres Of Fakers
19. Lights Out Asia Airports, Crying Airplanes
20. Lullatone Sleepytime Samba
21. Mahogany Supervitesse
22. Miaou Memories Of A Petal
23. My Little Airport Coka, I'm Fine
24. Nuuro Temper Temper
25. Ponies In Nthe Surf Ventricle
26. Port Royal Eva Green
27. Blaine Reininger House Of Atreus
28. Fr & Lili De La Mora Moon Balloon
29. Section 25 Can't Let Go
30. Sprites Pac Man Fever
31. Submerged Predator
32. Dot Tape Dot Far Away
33. Trembling Blue Stars The Moon Turns Branches To Silhouettes
34. Voyces, The You Shouldn't Be Afraid Of Heaven
35. Yellows Encase