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Artist:Parlimentarisk Sodomi   Added:Oct 2007

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1. Feb 21, 2009: Bloodstains Across Atherton-Grey & Darrrhurk
Bestalisk Oligarki/Bestial Oligarchy, Glattbarbert Oppnenkors/Smoothly Shaved Upside Down Cross
4. Dec 19, 2007: Baptism of Solitude
Glattbarbert Oppnenkors/Smoothly Shaved Upside Down Cross
2. Jan 09, 2008: Baptism of Solitude
Stilltiendehetens Brodell/Brothel Of Tacitness
5. Dec 15, 2007: Bloodstains Across Atherton
Tverrpolitisk Tarmskylling/Cross-Political Intestial Wash
3. Dec 26, 2007: Baptism of Solitude
Glattbarbert Oppnenkors/Smoothly Shaved Upside Down Cross
6. Dec 12, 2007: Baptism of Solitude
Glattbarbert Oppnenkors/Smoothly Shaved Upside Down Cross

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2007-12-08
Menacing political & sarcastic grindcore from Trondheim, Norway. Nothing super techy but enough quick tempo changes to keep it interesting and plenty of blasting drums, thundering riffs and even some bass. Really well produced for early studio sessions/demos. Big on a Napalm Death, Brutal Truth and and Nasum styled attack. All lyrics in Norwegian. The band’s name = “Parlimentary Sodomy” in English.

(((((1))))) Ripping as fuck crusty grind blast. Totally sick vocals and some killer bass & drum work.
((((2)))) Severe Napalm Death worship & hammering drumming & riffage. Has an actual groove, too.
(((((3))))) Ultra-Hardcore-ish pace with a weird sample (from a Norwegian politican?) into pummel as fuck whirlwind.
((((4)))) More Norwegian politician samples into relentless crust/grind. Some cool mid-paced parts.
((((((5)))))) Screamin’, absurdly fast grind fuckin’ core! Plus there’s a “heeeeeyyyyyy!” Fuck jaaaa!
((((6))) Works off a few basic riffs and then really mixes up the tempos. Rather good.
(((((((7)))))) Asskicking from the first riff to the last.
((((((8))))) “Aehhhhheeehhh!” Then it just beats the fuck out of you. That’s all you need to know.
(((((9))))) Great mix of lunging breakdown riffs & the ultra-fast speed. Bass/drum interplay is ace!
(((((10))))) D-beat heavy “grind-crust” with shouted vocals and a crazy “solo outta nowhere”.
(((((11))))) Relentless grind to bash your mind.
(((((12))))) Fast as fuck and dense sound overall. Pick slides, rapid fire beats, Kevin Sharp-like screams and the whole 9 yards (er…meters?)
(((((13))))) Tornado of total destruction. As if you thought they would slow down? Think again.
Kick ass! --→

Track Listing
1. Bestalisk Oligarki/Bestial Oligarchy   7. Tverrpolitisk Tarmskylling/Cross-Political Intestial Wash
2. Kinky Lobbyvirksomhet/Kinky Lobbyism   8. Vakl, Folkevalgt/Wobble, Elected
3. Per Sandbergs Alkoholvaner/Per Sandberg's Drinking Habits   9. Ozondod/Ozone Death
4. Faen Ta Krig/Fuck War   10. Viktigheten Av Jens S. Død/The Importance Of Jens Stoltenberg's Death
5. Glattbarbert Oppnenkors/Smoothly Shaved Upside Down Cross   11. Stilltiendehetens Brodell/Brothel Of Tacitness
6. Virvel Vindsk Lidelse Og Nød/Whirl Windesque Suffering And Distress   12. Digital Død/Digital Death
  13. Parlimentarisk Sodomi/Parlimentary Sodomy