Atlas Sound / Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel
Album: Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel   Collection:General
Artist:Atlas Sound   Added:Feb 2008

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Album Review
Reviewed 2008-02-28
Warm, lush dreamy pop, experimental at times with its textures. Done by the lead singer of noisy psychedelic ‘ambient punk’ band Deerhunter. I saw him deephtroat a microphone on stage covered in fake blood once. Sometimes, huge dramatic textures, but it is restrained never rocks out. Present in most songs are a lush texture, beat, heavily effected male vocals, and ooooooo’s and aaaa’s from ambient female vocals that act as another texture, simple electropop basslines, and maybe a glock or tambourine. Hypnotic at times. All types of noises fading in and out. Draws from the sound of shoegazers & texture based ambient work. Highly Recommended. Play it loud.

FCC Clean. Picks, 1, 2, 8, 9, 10, 13

1)*** Weird kids voice telling a ghost story, with lush woo’s in background, breaking into a swirling dreamy fuzzy, with ambient guitars, to gltichy fade out. More of an intro track for creating ambience.

2) ***Fuzz and distortion fade into guitar rhythm with hazy glocks, fuzz layer, and dreamy breathy, effected, male vox that fade in and out and get tweaked. Repetivie, slow, heavy and hypnotic with changing levels of distortion. Really trippy.

3) This song is less to the dreamy fuzzy side, and closer to the pop side. Has male vox that are not as effected, with bouncy glocks, bass line, and eerie lush effected female vox in background. Singing something about love.

4) Bouncy, bending, light belly or glocky instruments in background with simple electronic bassline. Builds into bigger psychedelic swirl towards end of the song. “Waiting to be changed,” lyric repeated a lot.

5) Bassline, ambient female vox sing in ‘haaaa’s’, echoey layers moving in and out. Less pop oriented.

6) Simple beats, dreamy effected vocals, tiny pulse of a bassline, and building siwriling organ sound.

7) Goofy, clumsy bass, twinkling tambourines. Voice gets highly effected at points, and is the main texture of the piece. Thought this one was a bit weak.

8)***Heavier bassline, some sort of strings, big effected texture and vox, and simple bassline. Big buzzing sound come in, as well as a gfew more textures and builds to swirling brilliance.

9)**Big cacocophonous horn intro, that gets bent into a wonderful texture, and builds. One of the better ambient tracks. No beat.

10)***Crunchy guitar sound, effected ambient female vox, glocks and other noises that gets bent into a big texture. No beat.

11) Bassline, and the guys voice with a wave of a texsture behind it. Alarmy sound moves in behind it.

12) Crunchier ambient song, based on guitar riff that gets bent, with building drums.

13) **More prominent vocals and pop song with textures in the background and bent guitars. More towards Shoegaze than dream pop.

14) Heavily Textured ambient outro track. Builds to be bigger louder & a bit meaner.


Track Listing
1. A Ghost Story   8. Scraping Past
2. Recent Bedroom   9. Small Horror
3. River Card   10. Ready, Set, Glow
4. Quarantined   11. Bite Marks
5. On Guard   12. After Class
6. Winter Vacation   13. Ativan
7. Cold As Ice   14. Let The Blind Lead Those Who Can See But Cannot Feel