Destructor / Forever In Leather
Album: Forever In Leather   Collection:General
Artist:Destructor   Added:Feb 2008

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2. May 19, 2010: public noize racket
Skull Splitter

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2008-02-27
Very rad & traditional 80’s thrash/heavy metal from a Cleveland band that goes back to ’84. Clear, to the point vocals and catchy songs and riffs. There’s no irony or “hip” mentality here-just 4 dudes from the Midwest that love and play metal. There’s something to be said for playing this good and being considered “terminally uncool”. This band (and label) have always been D.I.Y. metal – cheers to that, too. In the realm of Exciter, Anvil, Nasty Savage, Manowar and Overkill, (Overkill from NJ, not guitarist/vocalist Dave Overkill).

((((1))))) Storming riffs, tight drumming, repetitive but catchy chorus.
(((((2))))) Rippin’ mid-80’s style thrash with traditional vox. No frills, nothing but hammering & headbangin’
((((3)))) Sort of anthemic and very riffy ‘ala early Overkill later gets speedier, awesome solos, too.
(((((4))))) Thick galloping riffs that seem to never quit. Very commanding vocals not far of from Manowar at their best.
(((((5))))) Sharp and spiky riffs, crazy wailing solos = Awesome. A good companion song to Overkill’s “Blood & Iron” or Exciter’s “Violence & Force”.
((((6)))) Muscle car ready metal with really good vocals and interesting use of –sion/-tion rhymes.
(((7))) Great guitar sound a little rough around the song structure though.
(((((8))))) Before you can say “Creeping Death” this quickly goes from thrash to a mid-charge Anvil/Nasty Savage vibe with tons of great riffage Bringing back that “metal unity” vibe. Killer!
(((9))) Good mix of guitar/bass and late-80’s melodic thrash vibe. Lots of attack in the vocals part of this run between too much and not enough.
((((10)))) Very traditional metal march with some rather good chord changes & solos. The vocals really take charge here, too.
(((((11)))) Fast-ass, Heavy FUCKIN’ Metal “Fighting slashing, until the death” – need I say more?

Track Listing
1. Tear Down The Heavens   6. Precision Devastation
2. Skull Splitter   7. Unearth The Earth
3. World Of War   8. Forever In Leather
4. Damage Control   9. Straight To Hell
5. Unleashed   10. Doomed To Centuries Of Ice
  11. Pounding Warriors