Grimbane / Let The Empires Fall
Album: Let The Empires Fall   Collection:General
Artist:Grimbane   Added:Mar 2008
Label:Moribund Records  

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Tyrannize Christians

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2008-03-11
Raw, ugly, ripping Black Metal from Canada. Features Barbarous from underground BM legends Blasphemy. Unholy vocals, speed & aggression up the wazoo, cymbal crashes and tremelo riffs. Does a great job in fusing the cult style of Barbarous’ early works with the blazing Norwegian style circa: 1990-95. Fantastically fukked up!

(((((1))))) Creepy intro with high pitched noise and flies.
((((2)))) Spoken interlude. A serious attack on Christianity without the usual trappings.
(((((3))))) Hornet buzzing black metal with a sound that keeps building and building.
(((((4))))) Pummelling tempo, sick vocals, kick ass D-beat sections & heavy breakdowns.
((((5)))) Another short intro dissing Christianity. Interesting stuff.
((((6)))) Vile and ever increasingly fast. Lots of good riffs. Early Emperor welded to the speediest death metal.
(((7))) Another interlude about either war or religious war tactics.
((((8)))) Big ‘ol riff and rather GRIM vocals. Eventually gets to lots of blastin’ & tremelo riffing. BM straight from the pits of hell!
((9)) Interlude from a war or sci-fi movie leading into a mix of loud riffs and acoustic strums, hellbeast vocals then a regular mid-paced BM tune.
(((((10)))) Acoustic intro into Ultra-fast fuckin’ diabolic anhilation. Speed & intensity a plenty and some fukked up breakdowns.
(((11))) Short interlude on about the lies of religion
(((12))) Deep vocals, fast spiraling tremelo riffs. Pretty good for what it is but a little too “typical”.
(((((13)))))) SUPER heavy riff, into a megaton blast of severe black metal chaos. Slayin’!
(((((14))))) Bassy (!) & heavy, very low end focused, charging straight outta hell.
((((15)))) Weirdly combines a very traditional riff like Manowar or Manilla Road (!?) with deep, raw BM vocals. Later it blasts n’ storms at full speed through your ears.

Track Listing
1. crush the set of beliefs   8. Instinct For Iniquity
2. Tyrannize Intro   9. Cauldron Of Burning Iron
3. Tyrannize Christians   10. God Cremated
4. Obscurity Reigns   11. Let The Empires Fall Intro
5. Unscrupulous Religion Intro   12. Let The Empires Fall
6. Unscrupulous Religion   13. Overlord Of Chaos And Evil
7. Instinct For Iniquity Intro   14. Theomicrians Descend On Angels
  15. Before The First Day