Various Artists / Doctor Death's Vol. 6,FLORIBUN
Album: Doctor Death's Vol. 6,FLORIBUN   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:Jan 1994
Label:C'est La Mort  

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1. Jan 17, 2009: Music Casserole
Une Attente Fragile

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. 56 in 81 Eleven Shadows
2. Myself a Living Torch Mermaid of Marin
3. Collection D'arnell Andrea Une Attente Fragile
4. M-1 Alternative Dilemma
5. Ten Wings Special
6. Dazzle Painting Shift
7. Breathless Over and Over
8. Johanna's House of Glamour Industrial Beach
9. Eden Healingbow
10. Tel Basta Watering the Seed
11. Ivory Llibrary Adams Street
12. Psychowelders Vhvh
13. Judgement of Paris Bridge
14. Muzzle Orphans
15. M-1 Alternative Rosseau's Rainbow
16. Grace Darling Victoria Knows
17. Judgement of Paris Floribundus(Main Theme)