Various Artists / Gori Ussi Winnetou - Addio Plus "Pulski Jebaci Apokalipse"
Album: Gori Ussi Winnetou - Addio Plus "Pulski Jebaci Apokalipse"   Collection:General
Artist:Various Artists   Added:May 2008
Label:Slusaj Najglasnije!  

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Siriozno, To Ni Prostor Misli, ... To Je Prostor Kurca Eli Abicnaja Hormolanla P
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Siriozni Sirinoiz Passioniristosteraj
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Opet Sam
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Svaki Put Kada Gubim
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Album Review
Red West
Reviewed 2009-05-20
This slusaj release is fun, mix of genres around hard rock at the core for the first half of the CD, punk/metal for the second. Mid-fi, low-tech

tracks 1-4: Franci Xe In Kurcu
+1.fuzzy guitar stoner testosterone rock, 70’s, gruff near-shouted vocal with spoken bit over the music. Mostly non-english exepct for the phrase “deep inside”. Good driving music
2.Fast, wild, near metal with blippy background
+3.slower rock ballad, quieter, decipherable English: “real rock and roll”, “stupidity”, “sex drugs and nutting more”, “I love you, thank you Igor and Rozhere” (Roger?)
4.hip-hop beat from a cheap beatbox/sampler and off-key flute

5-7 Bojan Je Poeta
+5.Acoustic guitar, bongos, horns? Good for a folk set.
6.Tekno beat, early new-wave/electro sound, constipated vocals
7.mid-fast driving rock

8+ Various. Recorded at Pulski Jebaci Apokalipse? 1996-98
9.punk anthem
10.very low-fi badly mixed demo recording of a fast punk song fuzzy simple punk
12.short spoken/singing interlude
+13.Wow rapid roto-toms and cookie-monster vocals, AC-like metal simple HC synth-pop, very off key vocals
16.east-european scale in intro, very low fi slow punk
17. better-recorded, but still low-bitrate MP3 sound. Thrash, buzzy guitars, shouted lyrics, punk
+19.loose, fast, drums too high in mix, weird production (reverb on vocal?)
+21.Techno dub with police sirens & “Stop the music and go home” sample in intro, then fast grind
22.FCC “Fuck”, “shit”, “fucking”, in English and audible
+?23.Melodic 80’s/early 90’s alt-rock
24.ha ha starts with a burp. Fast simple punk rock
25.low-fi low-bitrate mp3 hair rock
26.practice session? Sounds like bluesy rock w/ Led Zep drums, horrendously recorded
27.aaaah evil yelling, loads of flange, hard rock/metal wankery

Track Listing
 ArtistTrack Name
1. Blaskovic, Franci Siriozni Sirinoiz Passioniristosteraj
2. Blaskovic, Franci Trieste Sms Maledeto Brutto Zlavo
3. Blaskovic, Franci Siriozno, To Ni Prostor Misli, ... To Je Prostor Kurca Eli Abicnaja Hormolanla P
4. Blaskovic, Franci Servolana
5. Zizovic, Bojan Puti
6. Zizovic, Bojan Sve Je To Goli...
7. Zizovic, Bojan Insajd-Autsajd
8. Dilber Bend Dilber Kolo
9. Frontalni Udar Svaki Put Kada Gubim
10. Attack Na Battak Najveci Tapijasi
11. Anti Otpad Godinama
12. Lizatori Pizdere Izrigao Sam Se Na Brata
13. Desinence Mortification American Peaceful Hegemony
14. Deep Cunt Crno Oko Mene
15. Kdbs Nebo
16. Brijacina Kojona Slivana Kurcina (Live 98')
17. K-15 Zalomio Sam
18. Eluj Problemi
19. Nulla Osta Opet Sam
20. S.M.C. Hrvatski Populacijski Pokret
21. Screaming Vagina Paranoia
22. Trijo Porkodijo Dedikejted...
23. Antitodor Ona Adlazi
24. Fakofbolan Pietas Iulia
25. Distorzija Prljan, Znojan, Umoran
26. Oltar Heroina
27. Beli & Anti Opad Die Sister