Gori Ussi Winnetou / Kobra Je U Brajdi
Album: Kobra Je U Brajdi   Collection:General
Artist:Gori Ussi Winnetou   Added:May 2008
Label:Slusaj Najglasnije!  

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Picanski Pop Nicefor - Trnoplesari
4. Apr 14, 2009: Everyday Commotion
Picanski Pop Nicefor - Trnoplesari
2. Apr 29, 2009: Everynight Commotion
Jozef Velikanje, Hajducki Pop
5. Apr 08, 2009: public noize racket
Janko Vukovic De Podkapelski
3. Apr 15, 2009: Everyday Commotion
Picanski Pop Nicefor - Trnoplesari
6. Apr 03, 2009: Emphysema For Emphasis
Picanski Pop Nicefor - Trnoplesari

Album Review
Reviewed 2009-02-14
Grungy dirty Croatian rock. Think of the Pixies fronted by a legend who sings in a made up language (mix of English, Croatian, Italian, and German) with a voice like Tom Waits and the looks of Frank Zappa. Most songs could be classified as straight up punk rock. Other songs have a stronger balkan folk music influence. Another little gem by our Croatian friends! We have a bunch of these guys cds in the library. Play them!

Picks: 7,8,1,2,12 *** No FCCs ***

*1. grungy, trudging bass, makes me wanna drink beer and get into a bar brawl
*2. spoken intro then nice punk rocker: kind of reminds me of Greek band Trypes, anthemic chorus
3. more straight up rawk and rall, faster tempo here
4. version of 3: a demented piano bar parody
5. bluesy slow, fuzzy, nice...
*6. faster, drums at intro, definitely like the pixies...
**7. version of 6: with xylophone and piano, quite strange...
**8. starts with a hard thudd thudd, but then changes into a kind of ska tempo with crazy organ sound. chorus sounds like surf rock.
9. acoustic version of 8, only vocals, organ, mandolin, spooky, ghostly sounding... like a circus theme...
10. nice driving bass, anthemic punk rock
11. slower, spoken vocals, very sludgy, grows in intensity
*12. balkan folk rhythm rock and roll... interesting

Track Listing
1. Janko Vukovic De Podkapelski   7. Jozef Velikanje, Hajducki Pop
2. Ivan Cankar   8. Picanski Pop Nicefor - Trnoplesari
3. Nazario Sauro   9. Picanski Pop Nicefor - Trnoplesari
4. Nazario Sauro   10. Gabriele Emo, Arenespasitelj
5. Petar Frascic, Glagoljaski Psaltir   11. Kapetan Lazaric
6. Jozef Velikanje, Hajducki Pop   12. Paul Kupelwieser, Sanjar i Vizionar