Gori Ussi Winnetou / Aprilska & Majska
Album: Aprilska & Majska   Collection:General
Artist:Gori Ussi Winnetou   Added:May 2008
Label:Slusaj Najglasnije!  

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Album Review
Red West
Reviewed 2010-03-23
Croation alt-rock, some circus-ness, some metal & punk, a bit of Tom Wait-ishness in that the M vocalist has fried his voice. I’m guessing that the lyrics are in Croation but I don’t know. If the lyrics are anything like the hand drawings of the spread-eagle women, coiled steaming turd, and hairy dwarf with a big boner, then they’d make an Adriatic sailor seasick, but as far as FCCs in English, the only thing that sounds dirty (marked) could possibly be in another language too... but as there are bits of English sprinkled on this disk, play it safe. And those bits of English are clean so who knows, maybe “puši” means “cat”.

Aprilska (disc 1, XXXIV )
+1. Gentle do-wop and bells. “Majne muter, Bladi Meri…” which when you hear it sounds like “My mother, Bloody Mary”. Cool mix of 50’s wholesomeness with dirty Waits vocals.
+2.singing/talking, acoustic guitar. Mid-slow coffeehouse song w/overdubs. Loud at end.
+3.A little syncopation in the beat. Mid-slow. “ya ha ha, ho ho ho, he he he” chorus makes me think “and a bottle of rum”. Maintains consistent sound to end.
+4. FCC? says “Reality bitch?” (lyric sheet says “bič”). Catchy pop. There was this viral video of a 70’s or 80’s euro comedy show with a song done in fake English, and the music of this song reminds me of the music of that song.
5.FCC? “amoral woman, amoral bitch” mid-tempo rock, some trumpet joins the band
6 FCC “shit on shit”. Mid-slow, latin beat, belabored vocal.
7.fast, electro beat & buzz synth, grovelly vox, monotonous melody
+8.spoken intro (sounds like about to retch) then tuba & weird whistles, synth. Slightly sad. Lots of talking, not much singing. Like the Residents.
+9.whiney flute, circus barker vocals including a “Ladies and Gentlemen”. Downtempo hip-hop beat & cheesy synth sax. Cool though too long. Ends with talking, friends chanting along (last 1:30).

Maiska (disc 2, XXXV )
Songs on the 1st half of disc have one phrase in English, noted below.
+1. 80’s alt-rock, English intro/chorus “at the end of the road”, rest not in English.
++2. 1st 25 secs is random sounds intro which you can talk over. Next 30 secs sorta playful, quiet. Acoustic, mid-slow, soulful, with chorus “and it stinks!” in English, “over the sky”, rest not.
+3. Almost a continuation of 2. Acoustic, mid-slow, folky, “in the dark down there it looks like there’s nothing”
4.mid-tempo rock. Sounds like “I’m looking in the mirror” oops book says “I’m walking in the middle”
5.mid-slow, heavier ”I have paid for the ticket for the dream”
6. indie emo, not into it
+7.Sorta funky, sorta metal, with whining nose-flutes. Noisy guit solo near end
8.Indie rock intro/bridge is great, main song is a tad too low energy
9.quiet bassy, little guit noodle, then last 1:45 fast punk/metal
+10.Spoken intro (nyet drunk?) then heavy bassy mid-tempo tune with chanting-singing-speaking. “Epic” 5 verses. Ends /w nearly 30 seconds of silence, after yelling “bila figa!”
11.(bonus track) Repeat of disc 1 track 1.

Track Listing
1. Zoodijakalna - Jebo Te Horoskop   11. Gori Je Ni?to
2. Pu?i Moral Pu?i, Pu?i Gori Ussi   12. Dolje Je Ne?to
3. El Grande Kamion   13. U Sredini
4. Istraisffffmmmmda, Da, Da   14. Na Kraju
5. La Bička Del "Ča"   15. Na PočEtku
6. Auf Die Büne   16. ?Aka Mraka
7. Zoo Snifonija   17. Glava
8. Pi?em - Drkam Pensire   18. Ljubavna Piesma
9. Uvodnik - Zahodnik   19. SMS Hauba Song - Ajde Beli
10. Spimo   20. Zodijakalna - Jebo Te Horoskop 2.