Satan Panonski / Kako Je Panker Branio Hrvatsku
Album: Kako Je Panker Branio Hrvatsku   Collection:General
Artist:Satan Panonski   Added:May 2008
Label:Slusaj Najglasnije!  

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Beogradski Pasaluk
3. Jul 28, 2010: public noize racket
Beogradski Pasaluk
2. Aug 04, 2010: Brownian Motion
Beogradski Pasaluk

Album Review
Ragnar of Ravensfjord
Reviewed 2010-07-18
Lo-fi trashy punk & garage rawk from Croatia’s #1 rock n’ roll madman. Some say this dude was the G.G. Allin of the Balkans but there’s no scat eating, raping kinda depravity here.

Panonski was an outsider of another kind, a punk who otherwise didn’t think much of nationalism until he (reluctantly) entered the army (yet later took on the nationalist idea eventually being killed in action in the Yugoslav Civil War in late 1992) a gay dude in a country that didn’t accept him, etc. These recordings are from 1992 in the height of the war. In all a mixed bag - but the guy’s story IS really fascinating. The title means – “As the punks defended Croatia”. Way more info/history on the deceased Panonski

((((1)))) Shouted out, pretty wild lo-fi rawk. A nice mess.
((((2)))) Crying, whining then punky & tough guitars with a raw but pretty catchy sound.
(((3))) Sad, brooding ballad. It’s as if you can see him playing this in a dark basement filled with limbless vets of the war.
((4)) Goofy fuck around song.
(((5))) Folksy, reverby vocals, then sorta punky & raw. Lyrics sound totally dirty but like fuck is the FCCs or some uptight rich Peninsula shitheel’s every gonna know Croat cuss words.
((6)) Weird shouted, retarded psych/lo-fi?
(7) Lots of drums & drunkenness like a Croat “Louie Louie”?
((8)) Vaguely boogie rock by way vague punk? Kack.
(((9))) Decent raw 70’s punk n’ rock.
(10) Drunk stumbling.
((11)) Slightly better version of #4
((12)) Messy lo-fi damage but not the good kind.
((13))) Doot-doot-doot riffs, clicky drums and Croatian “schalger” style?!?
((14)) Slow strums, lots of drums, drunken singing.
(((15))) Too lo-fi for it’s own good but the vocals are interesting.
((16)) More drunking whining.
(17) Spoken vocals and occasional guitars.
(((18))) More lo-fi rock/punk with fairly catchy, goofy vocals.
(19) Total, terrible mess live version of #7.

21 Live shit version of #8
22. Painful vocals with lyrics about Croatia eventually goes into rudimentary rock & punky style. Live version of #6.
(((23))) OK, meandering psych.
24 – Silly drunk tavern folk-story(?) in Hrvatski.
25 – more of the same as #24 only slower & sadder.
26 Yet ANOTHER version of #7 – this is the worst one, “oompa” style even.
27. Lots of drums and a rework of #7 again!

Track Listing
1. Beogradski Pasaluk   14. Prepuna Je Krvi Drina
2. Panonski Satan   15. Vratit Ces Se Satane
3. Prepuna Je Krvi Drina   16. Obdukcija
4. Ko-Ko-Dak   17. Ja Sam Svom Tati Pusila Kurac
5. Vratit Ces Se Satane   18. Covjek Covjeku
6. Kroacija   19. Lepi Mario
7. Lepi Mario   20. Ko-Ko-Dak
8. Beogradski Pasaluk   21. Beogradski Pasaluk
9. Panonski Satan   22. Kroacija
10. Kroacija   23. Ja Sam Svom Tati Pusila Kurac
11. Ko-Ko-Dak   24. Obdukcija
12. Dragi Sine Moj   25. Odre I Nar E I Zar E I
13. Odre I Nar E I Zar E I   26. Lepi Mario
  27. Track 27